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Founded in 1990, The New Hope  Metaphysical Society, is an organization dedicated to "making the world a better place" by promoting spiritual ideals, universal laws and metaphysical principles to the community at large. Located in Central Bucks county, Pa., the New Hope Metaphysical Society offers social support and spiritual education through monthly meetings, guest speakers and special programs on a variety of topics.  The N.H.M.S. also  has an outreach program which includes a speakers bureau, seminars, symposiums, expos and fundraising events throughout the Greater  Delaware Valley of S.E. Pennsylvania.

History of the Organization

The New Hope Metaphysical Society was officially founded  in 1990 by Bill Tomaszewski  Reiki Master and conscious medium. Inspired by a channeling from Spirit, Mr. Tomaszewski created this organization to be a source of Light, a safe haven where  people seeking personal support and spiritual enlightenment  (through channeling and metaphysical education) could gather together. Originally termed The New Hope Channeler's Support Group, Mr.Tomaszewski ran the organization from 1990- 1996, holding monthly meetings open to the public at the New Hope Public Library in New Hope, Pa. 

Mr. Tomaszewski stepped down from his roll as organizer and director in late 1996, whereupon Carl Galetti stepped in as director in 1997 and moved the meetings to St. Philips Church in New Hope, Pa.  Amy and John Gialuco took over the organization in 1998 and moved the meeting location to Pebble Hill Church in Doylestown, Pa. The name changed officially to The New Hope Metaphysical Society in 1999.  In 2001, Tony Kenton was invited  to work with the NHMS and joined forces with Amy and John Gialuco .  All three ran the organization as co-directors for eight years.  Mr. Kenton left the organization in 2009 and , as of 2010, Amy Gialuco is presently the  Managing Director of the New Hope Metaphysical Society.

Structure of the Organization

The New Hope Metaphysical Society is presently a for profit organization and incorporated as an LLC (limited liability corporation).  It has a managing director and advisory board which meets once a month.  The organization holds general meetings once a month, on the fourth Wednesday of each month, at Pebble Hill Church in Doylestown, Pa. These meetings are open to the public and include either a relevant topic for discussion or a guest speaker as part of the meeting program. The guest speaker is either a spiritual teacher, energy healer, holistic health practitioner, spiritual counselor, professional psychic, conscious channel or other professional involved in metaphysical pursuits, whose presentation is either a lecture, sample workshop or a group channeling. Through these meetings and other public events, the N.H.M.S. gives the individual an opportunity to hear high quality speakers on a variety of topics and a chance to meet with likeminded people who can share in their interest in the metaphysical, spiritual or New Age dimension of life.

The New Hope Metaphysical Society has offered special events for the public, in the past, including a Metaphysical Expo and Psychic Fair, Special Sunday events, a Metaphysical Symposium  and a Holiday Party in December.  Our services also include a speakers bureau and educational products.    

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