Sacred Voices

by John Gialuco

    Since this issue of the "Across The Universe" is about 'Sacred Energy', locations or space, I wanted to write about what and where my sacred space tends to be. I have found this space to be in the presence of an entity or group consciousness, as they so often call themselves, while sitting in a chair or on the floor in front of a channeler.
    I heard my first entity (the Ascended Master Daniel) ten years ago in a cozy and colorful apartment with five other people, including the channeler, Amy Bortner. Prior to this first event, I had been reading the Seth material, a series of books channeled by Jane Roberts. I had been reading this material since 1973 and I was fascinated by and longed to see a 'real' entity such as Seth who I could commune with and communicate to.   At Amy's channeling, I sat quietly with an open mind and with barely controlled excitement. As I tried to peer into an unknown reality and as a transformation unfolded before me, I flashed onto memories of my experimental youth, searching to find a reference or some gauge that I had used back then, to perceive this new awakening, this introduction to a spirit guide who called himself "Daniel".

    As the channeler's face metamorphosed into a 'masculine' appearance and took on a different kind of animation, I sensed a slowing down of my mind... The energy in the room became more light and I was less concerned about the environment outside the four walls...for I was actually feeling high!
    "Daniel" looked to his left at one of the women for a few seconds and then to another until he faced me. I was ready to jump out of my skin! There was a rush of thoughts that begged to be processed, but my feelings wouldn't allow it quite yet. I wanted to ask the others in the room if they were seeing and feeling the same phenomenon as I was. I even tried to recall some of the reactions that Jane Roberts' students had on meeting Seth for the first time...but nothing.    When Daniel began speaking to us I realized, in that moment, that I had come a long way since 1973. Much of what had come before was not so important now, all the books, the trips to Europe, the questions and answers, the mysteries. They were now part of a psychic structure to a bridge that I had started crossing years ago. I knew, this night, that I could and would begin seeing into "the other side."

    Since that evening, I have been present to many, many channelings. I have been privileged to see and feel the reality of an entity or spirit being, be it a Group Consciousness Complex, an Angel, an Extra-terrestrial, an Ascended Master or a Spirit Guide.   Many entities who "come through" often begin the evening by scanning the collective concerns of the people in the room, collating the important issues and then addressing some of these concerns later in the channeling. Some have come through to offer specific lessons about healing the self or about past, present and future changes on the planet. Others have come to express their worldview or opinion about certain issues. Humor has often been used by these entities to express their opinions and this humor has often created a very sacred energy and sacred space.

    The ET's always offer a world view which is most unusual, and not available within our everyday perceptions on Earth. I have witnessed ET's who, having never come through a channeler before, describe their impressions and feelings (on being in front of human beings for the first time) using expressions and turns of phrase that have been most unique. And in every case, they have always expressed their appreciation and love for our free will and emotional architecture that we, as human beings, have always taken for granted.

    The Angels often sprinkle their visit with concepts of love and compassion and joyful values as understood by the Angelic realm. They usually offer a meditation or a healing for those present using the channeler's hands and body as an energy projector sending (angelic) energy into the room for the benefit of all participating. This usually take 5 or 10 minutes. I have found the angels and their energy to be the most moving and powerful of all the experiences that I have had with spirit beings.

    There are also the Ascended Masters, of which I am most familiar with, who paint an evening with one's personal and earthly histories, both past, present and future. They belong to various brotherhoods such as The Great White Brotherhood which are of service to the earth plane and many of their own lessons are learned while working with human beings. They operate beyond the restrictions of time and space (as most of the entities do) and as such can be very helpful with our own progress and exploration.  I often find their energy to be of a psychological /metaphysical type, one that creates an intensely psychological environment. They call their perspective a meta-psychology, one that can unite the gaps we have about spirituality and psychology, intuition and reason, accident and freewill, and the self and its aspects.

    Another group of discarnate beings who are in line waiting to "come through" are the various personalities who have had lives on our earth in recent history. Jesus, Elvis Presley,
Adolph Hitler, Carl Jung, Christopher Columbus, Janis Joplin, Mahatma Gandhi, Jimi Hendrix, John F. Kennedy... all of these beings and many others, some who aren't as well known, have given their insights, their "world view" about their life here on earth as well as impressions about their present reality. To be sure this group often brings humor and laughter to the people present during a channeling.

    Some of the mysteries surrounding their experiences are often revealed and explained in a very open and candid way. Jimi Hendrix (now called Ankar) talks about his music, the codes that he designed into the sound and words of his songs which, when heard, trigger within the listener a great deal of information about universal knowledge. He talks about the importance of sharing and expressing our feelings to and for one another. He says that that it is feeling that unites the brotherhood of man and woman.    All of these beings have expressed and shared their love and respect for the earth and it's occupants, whether they had two legs or ten, could fly, walk or swim. For some of the entities, their visitations  have been clumsy and humorous. For others, it has been easy and natural. Most of them send just a portion of their totality, an aspect of their identity, through the channeler, for their presentation to a group. Some, however, come as a group consciousness, a merging of concerns, of knowledge and inspiration, identity and personality all welded together in a vibration of love and peace.

    Many a person has been inspired by these lectures and a few have been uncomfortable with the experience but no one has ever been hurt or embarrassed. The integrity between the entity, the person and the person's guides is always of the highest order so that the effect that the spirit has is to enlighten, inspire and to educate all those present, for the benefit of their highest good. Many entities operate within their dream state and others operate within mother ships just outside of our dimension. Some manage themselves from dimensions smaller than an atomic structure and a few "hail" from places that we can't even comprehend. To be sure, though, they all come from the original source...from God, Goddess, All That Is.

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John Gialuco is the Co-Director of the Ascordia Center and has been an active student, philanthropist, organizer and publicist for the center since 1987. He is a multi-talented individual who has brought the center into greater prominence and general renown in the Philadelphia area.

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