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  Guardian Angel Workshops in Chestnut Hill. Pa.!

Lorna Byrne, the Irish mystic who sees and speaks to Angels, was at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Philadelphia on St. Patrick's Day, March 17, 2013 and her words inspired all who attended her program. Her very presence was soothing and her stories reassured us that we are all indeed children of God/Goddess, being looked after and cared for by his/her angels for all of our life. She reminded us that we are never alone, that, indeed we have a “friend for life”, our Guardian Angel.

I am following up her program with a Guardian Angel Workshop, also at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, that will continue the exploration of our relationship to the Angelic realm that Lorna Byrne initiated. The workshop will be in two parts – Part 1 “Contacting Your Guardian Angel” and Part 2 – “Angel Mask Making” Both workshops will be an exploration in connecting to our guardian angels through discussion, contemplation, meditation and creative expression (mask making). (You do not have to have any artistic background or experience to take the mask making workshop)

I have given this workshop before for several years and it is always a pleasure to see how people discover their unique and particular connection to their guardian angels and to the angelic realm, in general. By the end of both workshops, you will have contacted your guardian angel and he or she will have given you a name or symbol to carry with you for further communication. You will have learned several communication techniques so that you will feel secure in knowing that you can always contact your guardian angel under any circumstance!

Amy BortnerGialuco

Spring 2013

 Part 1........  Contacting Your Guardian Angel Workshop

Sunday, May 5 2013   2-4:30 PM

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church- Parish Hall
22 E. Chestnut Hill Ave. Phila., Pa. 19118

For those of you who have always known you were not alone, come discover your connection to your Guardian Angel!

Introduction - History of Angels, the Angelic Hierarchy, the angels role in today’s world, Who is your guardian angel
Contacting your guardian angel - Techniques for contact, Guided Meditation and Visualization, Discussion, Journaling

Fee - $35 per person         Class limited to 15 people

Registration deadline is mow May 1, 2013

Part 2….. Angel Mask Making Workshop

Saturday, May 18 2013 2-4:00 PM

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church- Parish Hall
22 E. Chestnut Hill Ave. Phila., Pa. 19118

Create your own beautiful angel mask to hang on your wall as a reminder of your guardian angel’s presence. You do not need any artistic experience or training to participate in this workshop!

*Materials Fee- $30 per person  Class limited to 15 people

*materials supplied include individual pare-molded (white plaster) masks, sequins, feathers, felt, magic markers, paint, cellophane, etc.

Both workshops will be led by Angel channel and spiritual teacher
Amy Bortner–Gialuco

Registration deadline is May 10, 2013

For more info.,call: 215-242-0185  

To preregister for either workshop or for both workshops taken together (at the discount price)
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  • Sacred Energy Sites Lectures and Workshops!
    in Naples  Florida

    Learn all about the sacred energy sites and sacred sites that exist all along the SW. Gulf coast of Florida and how they can be of assistance in your personal growth and spiritual journey. During the course of the program, Ms. Bortner-Gialuco will present a lecture, slide show and q&a  session which will give a general explanation as to what a sacred energy site is, what the six qualifying characteristics of a sacred energy site are, where they are located in Southwest Florida and why they strongly influence the purpose and function of the cities all along the SW Gulf Coast area.   She will also explain  how one can utilize the energies of a sacred energy site  for healing, inspiration and support.  She will further demonstrate how, by incorporating certain techniques such as dowsing, meditation, invocation and prayer, one can connect into the history, purpose and energetic power of a sacred energy site.   Take home flyers and CD/s will be available.  Map of the sites and booklet are included.

    or click on words below
  •  Sacred Energy Sites of SW Florida - Map

  • Sacred Energy Sites of SW Florida - Classes and Workshops

  •  Sacred Energy Sites of SW Florida - Research


The New Hope Metaphysical Society Website

 I've  created a website for the  New Hope Metaphysical Society, an organization which I have promoted, supported and maintained for over the last twen five years.  The NHMS promotes New Age speakers and events in the Greater Delaware Valley of Southeastern Pa. I have been the co-director since 2002 and now I am the full time Director of this organization since June, 2009. This site includes the most current N.H.M.S. meeting information and speaker programs.

Please check out the New Hope metaphysical society's website by clicking on the link below


Sacred Sites of SW Florida (Web) Radio Interview 

   It is with great excitement that I announce  my official debut on web-radio!  I was interviewed  by a Feng Shui consultant and geomantic researcher - Faith Ranoli on her web radio show called "Heart and Home Healing".  Faith  talked with me about my work with sacred sites and power centers in Florida and Pennsylvania. She asked me about my map of The Sacred Energy Sites of SW Florida and the accompanying CD and workbook. She was particularly interested in my research about the effects of sacred sites on the surrounding environment. The show debuted on  Thursday, Oct. 11, 2007 at 4:00 PM EST on HealthyNet Radio. You can now listen to the broadcast on my website by clicking the  link below or  the link on my Welcome page.
              Sacred Sites of S.W. Florida Interview

  I am proud to announce the first of many audio versions of my channelings that I have given over the last twenty years! 

This is an audio version of the channeled lecture from the Seraphic Angel Ascordia entitled " Integrating the Light with the Dark" that was given several years ago in a private home for several close friends. It is addressed to an audience of lightworkers but is relevant for all people  and for all times.

 Click below to listen to the lecture with the  Angel Ascordia in front of a live audience!


PS. Let me know if these mp3  version works for you.  I would love comments, feedback and suggestions  at biz@ascordia.com


Additions to Our Link Pages

NEW additions to the Welcome, Program  Pages-  Sacred Energy Site research, classes and workshops  

NEW additions to the Spirit Speaks Page - A second channeled message from the Angel Astoriel entitled "Spiritual Warriors Are Needed in this Time of Transition"  Fascinating, informative and provocative - Check it out! / An audio version of the channeled lecture - "Peace in the New Age" - See above

NEW additions to the Products Page -   Sacred Enegy sites of SW. Fla. Map, Booklet and C.D.  Ascordia Speaks Audio Tape- Hot off the Press - "Integrating the Dark into the Light" - Available on audio tape or CD. Also Look for our new product, the SERAFORM 1 on our Products page.  The SERAFORM 1 is an energy transformer based on the principles of sacred geometry and is a powerful tool for personal transformation! 

NEW programs listed in the Programs Page including "Awakening the Heart", "Journey of the Soul", and the Sacred Sites programs.

 NEW services listed in the Services Page - Feng Shui and Geomantic Consultations; Spiritual readings and counseling; Metaphysical Instruction


  Channeled Information from the Ascordia Center!

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Topics of Interest from Past Programs



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