The Ascordia Center Presents

"Love And Conflict"

By the Ascended Master Daniel

As channeled through Amy Bortner

What I wish to teach tonight is about a very human experience, a very human concern, a very human issue, if you will. Love and Conflict, does that not sum it all up in your existence? Does that not sum it all up for you, the basic crux of your dilemmas in your everyday interactions? Whether it is with those you love or not, or those with whom you have conflict or not.

The issue of love and conflict is always, shall we say, lurking behind every corner, peeking behind every door, sticking its tongue out at you at every opportunity. For this issue of love and conflict is one of the cornerstones of which you base your experiences in a human mold, in a human fabric. It's psychological cloaking, if you will, is in the garb of understanding your interactions through the ideas of love and conflict.  

In the last two lectures I have intimated some of the qualities of the Self , as you understand it. The Self in terms of human psychology. The Self as you know it is not differentiated so much by a body or boundaries, but by a viewpoint, a world-view, an understanding of one's own existence through one's particular belief system. I cannot stress that to you much further than what I am saying to you now.

That the SELF, as differentiated by its viewpoint, is also differentiated in how it observes and how it interacts with the concept of love and conflict. For, it is written in your genes, the stamp and the blue-print of the human consciousness, to operate within the focus of those two ideas, love and conflict. This is part and parcel of human consciousness.

To understand experience through the focus points, the twin points of love and conflict. I hope you understand this. I will reiterate my points or elaborate them, as I continue on with this lecture. I have spoken about Peace in my last lecture. I have spoken about the qualities of Peace in my last lecture and that peace at a very undifferentiated level is the absence of conflict. This is a generic definition of the word peace. That those who strive for peace are actually striving for lack of conflict. Thus to say, the concept of peace then, is a focusing point as well for the human consciousness, for it is the compensatory mechanism, the counter-balancing agent to conflict.

Thus to say, when you consider yourself in conflict, you are always striving to achieve peace. This is a generic definition of peace, and this is a generic understanding of how the human psyche operates in its evolvement or evolution concerning the concept of love and conflict. Thus to say, it would behoove me to elaborate on the concept of conflict as it involves itself with the concept of peace and to elaborate on the concept of love as it also involves itself with the concept of peace. For we see here now, that peace is the issue which differentiates out into the concepts of love and conflict.

Thus to elaborate on last week's talk, to talk about love and conflict is to alternately also talk about peace. I hope I make that clear to you. To show you a synthesis or bridge or transition from last week's talk to this week's talk. The word envision many things when you think of the word love. Love can be a feeling, love can be a sensation, love can be an attitude or frame of mind. As you also are beginning to understand it, love is a certain energy. It is a certain form of energy. It is a very high form of energy. It is the highest form of energy that your particular system can operate under. That this form of energy actually is a generic brand, so to speak, of energy, that partakes in all other energies, all other shall we say, materializations into the earth plane.

That it is the glue which links all things together. It is that cohesive force that attracts atom to atom, electron to positron, molecule to molecule, bees to flowers, people to people. There is a definite quality that permeates all attractions, and that quality partakes of this basic energy force that you know of as love. Thus to say, as love is a primary force, shall we say, of inspiration, it has various facets to it that you can understand in terms of an emotion, in terms of an attitude or belief, in terms of a desiring. For, belief, emotions and desiring are three basic mechanisms of the mind that work to manifest on the earth-plane, all that is, all that is created. Thus to say, the love-force can be seen to be manifested in these three ways. Through the will, through the mind, and through the heart. Thus to say, love can be understood as a manifestation of those three mechanisms of the human psyche. And that of course there will be three cognitive effects of such processes that occur in the human psyche. Thus to say, love can be understood, then, in these three ways.

If not for love there would be no, as you understand it, human interactions. For as we understand it, what you have in your involvements with each other are the interactions of these three basic mechanisms; emotion, belief and desiring. That when you participate in any relationship, and it always is done in the spirit of love, always. You always involve yourself, then, with these three mechanisms of emotion, belief and desiring. And how you manifest these three mechanisms is due to the style, shall we say, of your personality; that some of you stress love, in its belief form, some of you stress love in its emotional form, and some of you stress love in its desiring form.

We want to make this clear to you so that you can understand the concomitant idea of conflict. For love, as that cohesive force that binds all to one and all, is also that force which can divide one from the other, which can create that which you understand to be Conflict. For, generic to the force of love or that quality of love, is a catalytic quality. A quality that wishes to creates a higher, shall we say, quality of energy interaction. That love-force, in itself, create a higher quality union. That through those people, individuals, participants, objects, things, events which participate in and with the love force, always are changed by the love force. That as a catalytic agent, it creates changes within those who participate with it. For, since it is such a powerful force, it is one that automatically creates changes within the psyches of those who participate with it. It automatically creates change actually within the structure of those objects and events which occur within it, you see. The love-force is a very mutable force, it is a very changing force.

Those who involve themselves in a loving interaction, which I will say is all the time for all people, for all things, for all events, will always find that it is a process. That those who involve themselves in an interaction always change, things always change, events always change, constantly. And those who understand love in terms of belief will find their beliefs to change. Those who understand love in terms of feeling will find their feelings will change. And those who understand love in terms of desiring will find their desires to change. Change in itself, is neither good nor bad. Change in itself is the net result or end product of the interaction of Love energies. Change then, you see, is the baby, is the foundling, is the loving result of the union of loving-energies between individuals or between events or objects or things, you see. Change is then looked upon as a product of love, change then is viewed through the eyes of the changer, of those who interact with love-energies.

And dependent upon the personality, dependent upon the ego-development, dependent upon the soul-development, will this change then be looked upon as either good or bad, positive or negative, desirable or undesirable, feeling good or feeling good or bad you see. Conflict occurs when the change that is produced through the loving interaction of love-energies is seen as both good and bad, is seen in both extremes of polarities and value. Conflict occurs, then, when there is not an agreement on the ultimate value of the change that has occurred as a result of the interaction of love-energies. Conflict then, is the state of mind produced by an interaction of love-energies, whereby the values ascribed to that end-result are divergent or polarized. It is part of the process of being human, to understand polarities. To understand opposing ideas. To understand opposing forces.

Thus to say, it is part of the human experience to experience conflict and to experience these opposing understandings. But, it is part of the human experience to engender an interaction with another through the use and value fulfillment of the love-energy, to produce change which is neither good nor bad. But, consequently, is viewed as such through the personality, or world-view, of those involved. And when one or the other views the outcome of such change as both good and bad or desirable and undesirable, then we have what you understand to be conflict. Then it is up to the individual who views the change to resolve that conflict in ways that he best knows how.

For again, it is part of human experience to weigh through the resolutions of such conflict. Thus to say, the learning process, the understanding of self at the human level comes about through understanding of one's conflicts and how one is to resolve such conflicts. Now, that is the basic explanation for the interaction of Love and it's consequent results of change and conflict, possible conflict. Again, it is one's responsibility to learn how to resolve conflict in order to learn how to surrender to the processes of love. When one can learn to trust the process of love, when one can learn to trust to surrender to the many variables that create Love and create the process of love, then one is learning to trust in the basic human endeavor of learning to work with the love-energies.

Thus to say, if one does find oneself in conflict, either with another, or with society, or with the status-quo, or with a job then one must look into one-self first, to understand what polarities are involved, what dynamics between polar opposites are involved, in one's viewpoint. And then seek to achieve a new synthesis, an integration, shall we say, of these polar opposites.

For, in the synthesis, in the integration of these polar opposites, comes a new understanding, a new union, and a new communion with one-self and with the other with whom one had the conflict with to begin with. Thus to say, in order to achieve such a union, such a communion, one then has to surrender to Love and the power of Love and the wisdom of love to create a new solution, a new synthesis, a new communion.

When one has mentally given up the game, so to speak, then one can be, or is ready to trust in the force of love. That is the second part of the process; to surrender to the circumstances, surrender to the conflict and love the conflict. And Love the circumstances, and to understand the inherent wisdom in the circumstances that have created such a conflict. And to just be with the conflict. For that in itself, more often than not, will create for you an opportunity, in some way, to resolve this Conflict, to integrate this internal dynamic, to synthesize or to unify these polar opposites. And when one has done so, one then has gained a greater understanding of the process of love itself, of the process of self-Love itself, as well. For, in learning to love your conflicts, and learning to love your enemies, so to speak, you are learning to love your self even more.

This is a very profound experience for all of you. This is at the crux of the human experience for all of you. This is what fires your imaginations, fuels your thoughts, feeds your heart, nourishes your desiring. And this, at the same time, is that which stamps a cold stamp upon your heart, an oppression upon your thoughts, a numbness in your feelings. It is the one and the same energy. It is just two sides, so to speak, of the same coin. So life in a sense, is a gamble. Life in a sense is a gamble as flipping a coin, you will constantly be looking at one side or the other of this coin.

And you are taking a gamble every time you flip this coin, every time you dare to love, every time you dare to grow, to be creative, to be human. It is a risk to be human. It is a great and wonderful risk, you see. And the odds are in your favor, the odds have been placed in your favor, lovingly so, by friends, by your guides, by your higher self, by all those with whom you come into contact, you are all playing the same game. And you are all taking the same risks and you are all so very courageous in doing so...for love, does it not, require great courage?...for love, does it not, require great patience for love, does it not, require great awareness of one self?

These are all qualities of mind that one aspires to as the higher virtues, the virtues of the good man, of the good life, as the Greeks would understand it, as Socrates explained it. And t these virtues can be instilled by taking that risk to love. Taking that risk to love without fear, to love without expecting love in return, without expecting anything. To love for the sake of love itself, that is the greatest risk. To love without expecting love. And yet, that is where the greatest conflict comes into play. For, when one loves without seeking love, one puts oneself in a position of greater possibilities, of greatest probability for profit. One becomes totally open and vulnerable to the energies of the other individual event, person, place or thing. One surrenders completely to that other person's energies, come what may.

Thus, to love, for the sake of love is a very noble act, a very courageous act, a very virtuous act. These virtues are the distillation, basically of the qualities of mind achieved in participating in love, and with love and for love, and by love. For, as I've said before of the human existence, as it is on this present space and time reality, the basic modus operandi is to understand love. Consequently, to understand conflict and ultimately to experience peace. For as I've said before, at its most generic level, peace is that state where one does not experience conflict. Thus to say, peace is that state of mind where one has resolved or integrated conflicts, psychologically speaking. And peace is that state of mind where one is willing to gamble one's peace for the sake of greater love, for a higher love, for a more deeper feeling and version of love. For, as love is a very powerful energy, a very transformative energy, it has the ability to enrich you intimately and free you.


Daniel: I will open up this floor, so to speak, to your questions. Good evening, John.

Q: Good evening. When we are in conflict about something, that is, in conflict in a situation with people or with relationships, or conditions of the planet or whatever, once we consciously recognize that there is a conflict, can we step back from the anger, or whatever we're generating, that's blocking us? We do have a decision, we can decide to look at it in a positive way, and then will the information in a positive sense be cleared by the conflict. I mean can we choose the positive or negative side?

Daniel: That is correct. That is part of the process of integrating the conflicts to take a positive outlook, to surrender to the higher wisdom involved in generating the conflicts. For resolution of conflicts involve transcendence of conflicts, and once one transcends the conflicts, one has been changed permanently.

Q: It's also faith that is involved in that. Faith that the resolution would be peacefully coming about?

Daniel: That is absolutely correct. Faith is a part of the process. As I have said before, to trust, to surrender involves the virtue of faith.

Q: Daniel, I'd like to make an observation. In my experience, the relationships that tend to be longer lived, longer living, are ones without less overt conflict, the individuals involved in them seem to have a much stronger sense of self and self honesty, and therefore the relationships seem to fare a lot better. I am finding that, in my own case, to be true. And that it is a function of self-love which is once again the basis, so that in those relationships that I have observed, I may be wrong on this one, are people who really don't have a strong sense of self, or are struggling to obtain a better one.

Daniel: You will find that conflicts or non-conflicts occur between individuals who agree ultimately to participate in interactions which will or will not produce conflicts for their mutual growth, you see. It is a more complicated affair than I have given an indication of . That not only is there a risk taken when you involve yourself in a loving interaction, but there is also common agreement to a certain extent as to the extent of that interaction and the extent of those conflicts. As I have said before, the risks are low because those who are involved are with you, so to speak. You have helpers, you have guides and you have friends who are cheering you along the way, so to speak. Many of these conflicting situations, wherein you learn to resolve or not to resolve them, are lessons in the development of the human psyche. In the development of the finer virtues of faith, of trust, of surrender, of compromise, of cooperation. Again, those virtues that I have indicated in the last lecture, which were important in the establishment of peace in society.

Q: Daniel, speaking about water and sand, are you aware of the plight of the dolphins?

Daniel: Give me a moment, then. The dolphins have decided to participate in New Age activities in that they are letting human beings know that they are quite aware of their activities. That they are as competent or as intelligent as we are and that they are wishing to express, in ways that are more apparent now, their cooperation with us. That they may, in the future be looked upon as equals and colleagues to cooperate with an establishment of structures that will maintain the integrity and safety of marine life and of other species whose intelligence is equal or greater than that of human beings. For, in the New Age, when I have spoken of the fact that there will be a sense of union or communion, not only will there be a sense of union or communion intra-speciesaly but also inter-speciesally as well, between species of animal and plant, bird and fish, insect and reptile, and so on and so forth. Does that answer your question?

Q: No. 80 dolphins have been washed up along the Eastern coast. They have all died of a mysterious pulmonary problem. It could be the beginning of the end. Is this pollution related? Because the bodies are washing up from New Jersey down to Virginia? Is there any awareness of this in the spiritual world? And any advice? Any knowledge?

Daniel: Give me a moment, then. I will check. We have not put our attention on particular events. I have not been aware of this particular event. However, I can assure you that this event took place as a form of protest. That it will be a form of shock to the collective consciousness about its responsibility toward the planet and towards the ocean and towards marine life. As I have said to you, the dolphins are now taking a greater responsibility in communicating with mankind about its responsibility towards other species. If these dolphins have died, they have done so on a mission. They have sacrificed themselves, so to speak. For they are quite capable of handling the pollutants in the water. They have done so for many years and they have done so in other civilizations. We feel quite confident that they, shall we say, will continue to survive. However, this was a staged production. For the purposes of alarming individuals to a greater awareness. For they too, are on a similar path as the guides and masters who are now communicating with the public to foster or create a greater awareness in consciousness. And ultimately a greatness of responsibility toward self and one's fellow man and dolphin.

Q: Greetings, Daniel. Will you share with us the role of extra terrestrial, maybe particularly those who are connected with Venus and the role they will play in the forming and aiding the love that we will become aware of in the days ahead?

Daniel: Give me a moment then, I will check for you. There are, shall we say, many walk-ins now coming into the earth-plane. They are souls who have agreed to take over the body of individuals who no longer wish to finish their life out in the physical form, but who do not wish to go through a transition period of death. These walk-ins are conveniently those individuals who wish to perform a service to mankind at this time to enable them to, shall we say, attain this peace this love this understanding. There are many then, from the vibration of the Venutian plane, where, on that vibration, Venus is a viable planet. A living planet. A planet, as you understand it, marked by it involvement with love and is also marked by its involvement with conflict. So therefore, those, Venutians who are walking-in, so to speak, at this time, are quite skilled in the arts of diplomacy, as well as skilled in the arts of conveying love or compassion. Does that answer your question?

Q: What about those who chose to be born in this life because of their Karma?

Daniel: All the more power to them, then, I say.

Q: Do they who originated from the Venutian dimension play the same role as the Martians?

Daniel: It depends individually. But generally speaking, yes.

Q: Daniel, will there be an awareness of the individuals that we walked into?

Daniel: Yes. This awareness will grow. This awareness may come on or about the harmonic convergence or may come about after the harmonic convergence. But they will definitely know, soon enough, their purpose and their mission, and who they are.

Q: These individuals will be, little by little, taken over?

Daniel: Their consciousness will be, little by little, taken over, their personalities will maintain a certain facade that is similar to the former personality. For that is in the agreement of a walk-in, to maintain the integrity of the personality at the ego-level. But to alter the consciousness of the individual and its purposes and to infuse the consciousness with new data, so to speak, from the soul who enters the physical frame. All this data is not to be maintained within the consciousness of this one individual, but is only focused for the purposes of the mission.

Q: Daniel, this harmonic convergence, I've heard quite a bit about the harmonic convergence. I just want to make sure that I'm straight on what it is. Is this basically the transformation of the planet? Is that what those term means? Or is that a specific period of time where things converge in terms of energy?

Daniel: Yes. There are many cycles which are converging now at that point. At that time. The ending of cycles, the beginning of new ones. It also indicates a resonating of vibrations, of energy that the earth planet and other planets are now aligning into, shall we say, a field of vibrations that is stronger now, that allows for the energies of Love to be funneled in more clearly and more completely. And also allow for the planet to have access to information and energies that were not previously given to it to this planet. It wasn't allowed to have these energies or access to this kind of information. This is a point of change. It is a marked point of change. It is an indication that the earth and all of its inhabitants are willing and ready to transform in a sense to the higher levels of awareness which will not come about immediately. It will take many years, but it is as if the planet said, 'OK, we are ready now.' It is like firing a gun and saying "go." That is what the harmonic convergence means.

Q: Will this, then, perhaps, give us a taste of the fourth dimension?

Daniel: Yes, in a sense yes. You will be given a taste, as I said to you before, as a way of fortifying the psyche so that when you come down, so to speak, from the high, you will be able to handle your conflicts, your love, your peace, in a more sophisticated manner.

Q: How was it that the Aztecs and Mayans were apparently clued in to this state, it would be interesting to know from your perspective because we can only conjecture.

Daniel: I do not know that but I can access that information for you if you will wait one moment, what we are understanding is that within a certain probability realm, the Aztec and Mayan civilizations were the net effect, or shall we say, throw off, of a more sophisticated civilization including the Atlantean civilization as well as an intermixture with Off-World civilizations. There was a time period that we understand, when Atlantis was in its final process, the final several centuries of the civilization, there was a great confluence of interaction with alien civilizations, as you understand it. For, there was a more or less signal of alarm sent out from the planet to other civilizations, indicating that there was a great upheaval and destruction of a major influence and technology in civilization. That these alien civilizations heard this cry for help, sent space ships, space brothers and sisters, to help those individuals left to maintain an integrity and a viewpoint and a perspective that would give them peace of mind. Part of the information they gave them were these calendars, to indicate that this was one of many cycles that would occur on the earth-plane as viewed from the cosmic calendar, so to speak. These were more advanced civilizations, at that time, who, at this point, no longer exist for they have evolved out of physical form. But at that time, they were given privileged information from what we understand to be, how shall I put this, helpers from the Solar Logos, Deedus, actually, who were interplanetary messengers from the Solar Logi, who, in turn, understood the very essence, or cyclical nature of the entire cosmos, including our particular galaxy. Thus to say, these calendars given to these Atlantians were, in turn, passed on, in one form or another, to those individuals who were then the forerunners of the Aztec and Mayan civilizations.

Q: Daniel?

Daniel: Yes, John?

Q: I ask this one from the point of view of my work. Is the deterioration of buildings in our cities, at least on the East Coast, reflective of traditional or old belief systems, and little by little are there new people coming into the system picking up New Age beliefs and trying to stimulate us, is this reflective of something, or just what is happening?

Daniel: Both, in a sense. There has always been that interaction of old and new. As I've said before, an interaction of polar values, old and new, in this case, old beliefs and new beliefs. So that you can see concretely how it is that society, on a mass consciousness level, integrates these conflicts. That there may be a simultaneous destruction of old buildings and a simultaneous implementation of new structures and new peoples, you see. Thus to say, you can look at this situation as an example or analogy for what it is that occurs within the human psyche, when it tries best to evaluate and integrate old and new beliefs or conflicts between polar values, opposed values.

Q: Daniel, when one is in the middle of conflict and I'm in a state of conflict trying to get this question the way I want it. When one is in the middle of conflict and at least momentarily sees or can release the conflict. Yet it doesn't stay at that point, but one also realizes at the same time if one can release it and have faith in whatever the outcome of releasing the conflict, provided one is with or one's thoughts are with God, or whatever you want to call it, is that how one gets out of conflict, by the faith and just trying to go with the flow with what's really there inside, in terms of self? What is the answer to resolutions to conflict? I heard the statements but I didn't, I guess I didn't hear specifics. Give me some insight into what I just said. Yeah, it's a good question. I have it in my mind, it's hard to, uh...

Daniel: Yes, well. I might be in conflict myself trying to answer that. What you have described is a very valid process. One that has been popularly expressed in many New Age groups, to let go, to let God, to release and to love your conflict, to let the universe give you back what you have given it, so to speak. This is one technique. However, it does deny, in essence, the fact that the struggle is as important as the release.

Q: A minor conflict here!...? So say we're in a struggle?

Daniel: Yes, indeed. You will, in reality, be more in touch with who you are through your struggle. Do not be afraid to struggle. Do not be afraid to feel the conflict, do not be afraid to risk failing, to integrate the conflict. That is part of the human drama. As I have said in my previous lectures, love your conflicts, love the "negative feeling" which involves conflict in your life. For that in itself will generate new processes and pathways towards resolution.

Q: It sounds like what you're saying is to love, in certain cases, love the pain, love the hurt, or experience the hurt and pain and work your way towards love or through it.

Daniel: Yes. Exactly.

Q: That's not so easy when you're surrounded by this conflicting energy. But love energy somehow balances it all out. Basically, what I am hearing from you, is that we are always surrounded by the love energy.

Daniel: You are always surrounded by it, but you may not always acknowledge it. Best be said, then, to acknowledge it, is to allow it to come into you, to surrender to it and to view, then, the conflict in its more objective or transcendent viewpoint. That is through the viewpoint of love as a lesson or experience by which you will be changed. To then, love the conflict, as a blessing; to understand it as an opportunity for growth.

Q: Instead of compelling you, for example, to become more frustrated or more angry or more confused?

Daniel: That is correct. That even in the process of becoming more confused, you will learn, you will struggle and you will ultimately learn. And in the learning process, in the refinement process, you will also come to know your self better. For that is part of the human drama, to learn to know oneself through struggle. Thus to say, love and conflict are the two twins inseparably bound together in a constant dynamic or interplay.

Q: What you are speaking of here seems to be, through conscious volition and attention, working through the Conflict and stuff, what about past conditioning that causes present reactions to situations and dealing with those which can be, as you well know, extremely strong in our conscience, is when we are engaged in conflict.

Daniel: Good question. Give me a moment, then. As you know, as I have stated before, you create your reality through creating beliefs and systems of beliefs which allow you to focus your endeavors through a certain lens or perception of the world. The system of belief or viewpoint is that which differentiates you from others. This lens also allows you to focus the Love energies in its manifestation as the desiring or will, the imagination or mind, and the feeling or heart. When such belief systems have become so rigid, as to disallow or disavow new perceptions, new desiring, new beliefs, new feelings, it is then that the personality can no longer interact in the valid process of change through the interaction with the love-energies. That the mechanism has broken down, to an extent, and cannot then accommodate love, so to speak. Then, that is when an individual should and must seek some sort of therapy to soften the view, break down the viewpoints and belief systems which have been created perhaps through, as you call it, the blocks, the traumas, the emotional stuff created through unresolved injuries. When the being, as such, cannot resolve injuries, but yet can compound injuries because of an existing belief, then he has cut himself off, more or less, from the dynamic processing of Love and self-love. Thus, I recommend that he receive a certain amount of outside help, only to allow him to see how it is that he has been crippled from interacting with the dynamic process of love and conflict. Conflict does not mean injury. Conflict does not mean trauma. Injury and trauma are violations to the self, a violation to the innate awareness of oneself and one's trust in self and one's trust in the universe. That is what injury and traumas are. They can be created at any time but for the most part, they have been created in childhood and that has been a choice on the soul-level. For there is a complex interaction between trauma, love and conflict. But I will not go into that this evening, for that is another topic. I do hope I've answered your question in part.

Q: Yes. Very, very much.

Daniel: Now again, I must take my leave, though, as I've said before, I could continue for quite some time. It has been a pleasure, once again, to be within your company. That this lecture series has been a most opportune time to impart to those involved the understandings gleaned from many lifetimes, from many human experiences, from many human understandings and interactions. That what I give to you, is the essence, so to speak, distilled, from my own participation in what you understand to be the human drama. Consider my words well, for, they shall in themselves be as guideposts to you, be as guide lights to you in the coming days ahead and that my words, I shall hope, will whisper to you at these propitious times, for guidance and nurturance.

I will take my leave now, but I will return, I hope, to even greater audiences so that I again may impart to you my experiences and my wisdom and ultimately my love, my Peace and blessings to you all. I Love you all dearly, good-night.