Landau Speaks

"Creating a New Age Community"
as channeled by Amy Bortner-Gialuco
January 17, 1999

"And good afternoon, this is Landau speaking. And how are we, now, in this place? Everyone fine? Good to hear it. Glad to hear it. We are also fine, on our side of the globe, shall we say it, of this dimension. And we offer our pleasantries and our salutations and a big hello.  Thanking you for allowing me, Landau, to speak once again to a private group. (As this has not always been my privilege to be so vocal or to be so verbal, as I have often worked behind the scenes). As has often Spirit does, pulling the curtains closed or open, shall we say it. But in this case, I am opening the curtains, shall I say it, of your consciousness, hopefully to allow more light in, to allow you to see the bigger picture through the window and hopefully, eventually, to open the window so that you can actually go outside into this new realm that we speak of, into this New Age that you know of, new beginnings that we hope for all of you to have once the old has been put aside, once the old age has been swept away, shall we say it, once the old millennium has come to a completion.


And indeed this is the end of the millennium. This is the last year, in the end of this decade, in the end of this century, in this end of this millennium. How important this year is, how exciting it is to be in the final days of this last chapter, of this last effort on the part of humanity to express itself within an old paradigm, within an old way of being things and doing things, within an old way of being. How truly wonderful it is for you to be experiencing this final chapter. ‘The last dying gasp of an old civilization’, as the master Daniel has often expressed (it) in his lectures to an audience ( as I often listen to them).


That it is a last dying gasp of an old civilization, and so in it’s last gasp, in its last effort to express itself, it will be creating some very unusual expressions. Some efforts to maintain itself in some way, shape or form. To commemorate itself in some way, shape or form. And so let us say, that, in this last year, there may be an opportunity for leaders on all levels - political, financial, social, religious and artistic, to express something of themselves that they know will be final, will be lasting, will be commemorative, So that, you may see, in this year, some very progressive efforts on the part of leaders to make a gesture towards humanity, in an effort to commemorate themselves. (Because they know this is the last year in which they can do it in such a way, in the way that has been allowed, up until this point, in a sense, in the fact that they have a lot of power to do so.) A lot of opportunities to influence a lot of people to do so.


And so on the plus side, you may see a lot of effort now, on the part of government, to pass legislation that is for the greater good, even though there will (also) be a great deal of upheaval within the structures of the governing bodies, governmental bodies of the Senate, the House and the Capitol itself. And that what you’ll see is a great polarity of occurrences, now, between very progressive, thinking minded people and also then a great deal of corruption being revealed; and a lot of degeneracy being released. 
And so, of course, we see this now coming to a head, pardon the pun, in the case of the impeachment of the President, such that we see on the one hand, that he has, indeed, engaged in secretive, felonious activities, but on the other hand, has created a great deal of legislation and opportunity for resolution of conflicts in other countries. Such that there is a great deal of good and bad going on at the same time, within this one person, within this one body politic, within this one government, shall we say it. That it is quite unusual to see such extremes occurring at the same time.
Yet, this, indeed, is the result of what (we say) is the last dying gasp of a dying civilization. Producing the good and the bad. The showing of what is very good about this paradigm and what is very bad (about this paradigm). What we’ll say is very bad is that the old paradigm (of government) often created the opportunity for an amalgamation of power, for power to be placed into only a few hands.


And so we say, the new paradigm, in the New age, will be one of sharing the power and one that necessarily (always) creates the greatest latitude of power, so that all can share in it - in decision making, in creating opportunities and in voting, for example. And so there will be a more truly democratic experience available for those in the New age. so that all can share in it - in decision making, in creating opportunities and in voting, for example. And so there will be a more truly democratic experience available for those in the New age. so that all can share in it - in decision making, in creating opportunities and in voting, for example. And so there will be a more truly democratic experience available for those in the New age. So we’ll see, then, power shifting out of the hands of the few into the hands of the many, in various ways, shapes and forms. It will not necessarily be the way that we know of now, but it may very well (still) be and should be based on democratic ideals. Such that there may be a breaking up of the voting population and geography into various constituencies that do not exist now in order to create the sharing of this power.


And so you will see a restructuring of the governing body, of the governmental functions, even among the states and the cities, in order to create a more equitable distribution of power, and voting power and decision making power. Such that, in the future, there may even be voting through the Internet, voting by phone, voting by mass ways that we do not have now, through telecommunications media, so that more people have access to voting immediately. And there will be more opportunities for immediate decision making and voting through televisions shows, through the Internet, through telephoning and so on. So there will be a more active opportunity for communities to make decisions based on an informed opinion that will be created through telecommunications.


That is something that we can say is a future projection, on our part, of the kinds of changes that you will see, not immediately, but certainly in the future, for the next generation and for those generations that follow. Because of how we understand that children, in this day and age, are so savvy with computers and video games. You know that’s where they are going to go, they’re going to go towards that kind of comprehension of information through the computer or videos, through the visual imagery. And so we see then, that (telecommunications) will be used and enhanced, in the future, to inform the body politic, to inform the body of your community as to the decisions that are relevant to your community.


So we also see that these (future) communities will take shape and form and structure by those individuals who are now coming together in this fashion - to create healing circles, to create study groups, to create meditation groups and channeling groups... All of these new groups are actually the basis of the new foundation or order by which, then, communities will be based - on a common experience; on sharing similar values and beliefs, on understanding spiritual connection and on understanding their purpose and lessons through a spiritual perspective.


And thus, then, communities will come together based on these common sharing and values and spiritual perspectives. And that will be the basis of a new governing body and a new governing order, not just solely based on who can amass the most power in the quickest time! (as what it is now!) And so the idea of power will be about sharing the opportunity to make decisions based on coming together in groups that share values and beliefs already, that are common to each other.


So that is what I just wanted to quickly say so as to give you perhaps again another overview of the future, to something to look forward to or to think about and to begin to discuss in your own groups now as to what it is that you can share with each other right now. What it is that you have in common right now that you can share. And we say it is to talk about common problems, to talk about your feelings, to talk about your spiritual experiences, to talk about your insights and your intuitions, even your impressions and psychic awareness. To talk about what your needs are, what your desires are and, ultimately, to talk about your vision. What is your vision for yourself? for your family and for your community? What do you desire for the community at large to hold as its vision for itself?


Some of these ideas are very old and indeed hark back to earlier times when people lived in smaller communities, lived in tribal communities, lived in villages and the like. And (they) came together in town councils and town meetings or in each others homes to share their common purpose and values and vision. And so once again, this sense of ‘tribal’-ness, shall we call it, will be re-invoked but in a more sophisticated way. In the communities all across the land, in the communities all across the world. Because the ‘tribe’, shall we call it, that consciousness that comes from the tribe, is deeply imbedded within all of you. For at genetic levels, you have all come from tribes, you have all come from various peoples who have had in their background tribal developments that have ultimately created villages, which ultimately, then, created towns and cities and so on and so forth.


So the concept of the tribe invokes, then, the idea of having tribal elders and tribal recorders and the shaman and the medicine man or woman. They were the visionaries, they were the prophets, who did see, then, into the future for their tribe and for their community, who could give them the vision. And so what we say now is that all of you can come together as one and become like the shaman as one and say "Let’s create a vision, together!" "Since we’ve all come from different tribes, some of which are similar and some of which are not, perhaps we can create a group vision that will comprise a group tribal consciousness, if you will ."


And so, in the future, in the new paradigm, we are going to have, what we call, an "eco-tribe" or (group) tribal consciousness or ‘universal tribal consciousness’ if you will, that will imbue itself within everyone’s consciousness. So that what you think for yourself you will also consider, first, "How does this effect my tribe? (Whether it is my spiritual group, my family, my community, my location or my world). And so you will have this sense, this double sense, now, developing for yourself, in the future, as to the common good. "If it’s good for me, is it good for my community?" "If it’s good for me and my community, then it’s good." And that is what we’ll say is the new definition for the good (of all) is that it be good for the tribe, that it be good for the tribal vision, that it serves a purpose for promoting a tribal vision. .......

(This is an excerpt from a channeled lecture given by the Master Healing Guide Landau (who worked with Ms. Bortner-Gialuco in her healing practice).  Landau presented this lecture (through Ms. Bortner-Gialuco) to an audience on January 17, 1999  in Prospect Park, Pa.

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