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Jimi Hendrix Audio Lecture


Jimi Hendrix Lecture Transcript


(The following conversation with Jimi Hendrix was excerpted and transcribed from a channeling session given by Amy Bortner in which Jimi Hendrix "came through" and spoke to class members and friends of the Ascordia Center  on Sept. 30, 1990 in Upper Darby, Pa.)

Jimi Hendrix: "I've been called here, ….(pause) It is difficult to be here tonight but I will try. (pause) You all knew me as Jimmy….

From the audience: "Hey!" (laughter from the audience)

Jimi Hendrix: "Hey!"

J.H. : "I'm glad to be here with all of you. I just have to look at you all. So beautiful. So beautiful. I haven't been with the earth plane for some time, for several years. Though, I’m on call, then, to do work with you in the dream state….. I don't usually stay too long. But I help other guides, you know.

It's difficult for me to stay in the earth plane vibration. I'm not of the earth plane or planet. I'm from another area, sector and quadrant in another universe system that's adjacent to this one. It’s another, what we would call, or as you understand it, "super universe", that has many galaxies in it, just like your universe has many galaxies. And being more familiar with that vibration there, I tried to, in my earth incarnation (which is one of a very few I had here), tried to give you a sense of that energy. I was called here, in a sense, by other beings who saw that I was needed, that my energy was needed here on the earth plane.

There is a great master plan you know for this earth plane, for this planet, that's really incredible! That all of you are really incredible beings involved in this plan. And I feel it's outrageous that you still need to hear channelers tell you things that you already know. So I feel humored by all of this (laughter) but like I say, "It's beautiful"… (laughter)

And that is what I wanted to express in my music, too. That I wanted to express the beauty, the beauty of the sound, the beauty of form, the beauty of sexuality, because that was what was needed to be expressed then. There was too much repression of human needs, of human desires to express joy and beauty in its self, in its movement and in its rhythm; in it's mobility and in its expression in the flesh. What was needed to be more expressed, more engendered in others, more entrenched in your society, as a whole, was an understanding and appreciation of the human body.

That was part of the '60s, that was part of the whole trip, was bodies, you know. Bodies everywhere, bodies on the ground, bodies in the air, bodies just about everywhere. Bodies doing things, to themselves, to other bodies, it was important, then, to see it in that light. To see it expressed sexually, to see it expressed joyously, to see it expressed musically, to see it expressed in dance, to see it expressed in action. It was a grounding technique you know, grounding you back into you as "spirit in the flesh".

Much of the problem now in society is that people want to tend to run away from being bodies, from being people, from being responsible, about being a human being. They want to run away, ….they want to run away into intellectual sensations, into abstractions, into theories, into finance into money, into anything that represents their energy except their own bodies.

I was a fully formed body, I enjoyed my body, I enjoyed expressing my body. I gave full form to my body and to my expression in my music. And that is also what I intended to show, was that it was important to be in love with your own body, to be loving and "in love" with bodies.

That's something you all need to feel a little bit more, I think. That generally speaking , the predominant culture, (WASP), is up tight, is up tight about bodies, about bodily functions, about what the body needs. It's been the result, then, of history, of repression (religious and otherwise.) And it's taken other cultures to bring them back, to bring the (wasp) culture back to an understanding of the importance of loving the body. It's taken the Oriental culture, it's taken the black culture, it's taken other religions like the Oriental religions, which I dabbled in, which a lot of rock stars dabbled in, because we knew there was a balancing aspect in Oriental philosophy.

No accident, then, that Bruce Lee came here this evening, or that I was called upon, as well,. You know we are all waiting in line, up here…(laughter from the audience), I’ve got a number, I’ve got a ticket, (more laughter), In fact, it’s the first time I had to have a ticket for my own performance, (more laughter), but it’s the 90’s now, not the 60’s. Which is okay. (pause)

Still some hippies here, I see. (more laughter) For, in your heart, you'll never change…. And I'll never change really. I'm still who I am, in that reincarnation, in that personality, I'm still "Jimmy" (Hendrix) Though I'm also a master being that I would like to say has the name Ankar. I'd like you to call me Ankar. Ankar…..

Question: "Jimmy? I had a dream with you a couple times over the last couple of years. Just talking and hanging out with you. Talking about relationships. And I had this profound love for you as a friend in those dreams. I don't know if you had any part in them."

J.H. : "Yes, that was me. Sure, I like you very much… (laughter) You’re a real good guy. Sure I hang out with you, you know, in your dreams, in your intuition, in your music, sometimes. Though I don't like to step down my vibration that much. But I'm there, I'm here with you, you know. Like John said, (John Lennon), I'm a guide for lots of people, that's true. I can be in a lot of places, you know, at a lot of times.. It's just beautiful. It really is. It's just beautiful to be there with all of you.

And I can be with several people at once because I’ve got that ability, I had that ability before I reincarnated into physical form. I could bi-locate, tri-locate, quadra-locate and I tried to do that in my physical life, too (laughter from the audience) Well, it didn’t work too well (more laughter), Just added more bodies to mine, is all….. "

"Well, I see that you’re all interested in wondering what I am up to. Like, where could I go from there? What an ending!… What a story… What a purpose…. And I have my place to be, now,….(pause) In line right now with my ticket! (laughter from the audience)

But I’m in other places, too! At the same time.. Like I said, I’m probably talking to people, now, asleep on the other side of the world. And, I learned in my fashion, from my experiences about human beings, about being human, more than anything else. But I (also) gave you an expression of my energy pattern, that was my purpose too. Not only just to have you understand about bodies, that was peripheral.. More than that, (I) was to give you an understanding of my energy and my energy source and the patterns and the codes of the energies involved.

There are codes that relate to manifestation formulae. That relate to manifesting certain forms, certain forms, not only solid forms, but etheric forms. And, um, they have their pattern equivalent in sound and they have their pattern equivalent, then, in light. But what I was interested in was encoding these (sound and light) patterns into my music. Because, every time my music is played, these forms are created in the etheric realm and then they eventually manifest into the material realm. These forms, then, are energy vortexes, that create pockets of energy patterns to coalesce where events can occur that are uplifting or create certain conditions for upliftment. I was popular across the United States, but mostly on the East and West coast where it was needed for these forms to appear, because these are the areas where forms manifest, where materializations occur the most quickest, in a sense.

So that I operated, then, in these areas the most, though I had my touches with Europe, too, but that wasn’t long, cause it wasn’t needed as much. There are other formulae, then, in the codes, in the encoded sounds, that create other dimensionalizations, shall we call it. There are codes that offer the opportunity to time travel. (Humorously) Make note, if you want to! That they allow you to travel in time to other planes that co-exist in your space and this allows you the opportunity to learn from your past and your future. And this opportunity won’t really be understood for maybe another twenty five years. At that point, consciousness will be at a point where everyone can accept these realities. But these codes are also there too and they also can engender within those who listen (to them) a triggering effect for those who are needed to do this kind of work, (this time travel work.)

This relates to, and I’m going to relate this to a concept that ,um, the "Dream-Art-Scientist’ that the entity "Seth" spoke about ( who I’m familiar with because I had to become familiar with some of the great entities who would be coming after me,) As well as Lazarus, I believe his name is, and Ramtha, though I kind of like Seth and Lazarus…. (laughter from the audience) (As an aside) Seth’s a little "heady" but I would of liked one who had a little more body!  Jane (Jane Roberts) was a skinny little chick! (more laughter) But she had a lot to say and she often said a lot, you know, she had a big mouth! (laughter)

I know, I know, I was there, I was there!

So, the "Dream-Art-Scientist" will be the kind of person who will be able to time travel, using codes, using sound, using consciousness exercises. They will be able to search in the past for those references that they need to help them create in the present – inspiration, tradition, history. It’s done now, through your books, through your television, through the media, generally, but this would be more precise; this would have a little more, what you call, more "feeling tone" to it, more of a richness to the experience because it will be entrenched in the person’s cellular memory. Can’t forget it, won’t forget it. Won’t be able to deny it. Whereas in the media, you can distort, you can move around and disparage and change and forget, you know!

Maybe, some of you have forgotten me already, you know (Humorously) It’s just this is the way it’s done, and this won’t be able to be forgotten, it will be deeper, it’ll be a deeper experience. Basically, what I came back to give to all of you is the sense of how rich an experience can feel. I believe that (Helene) was saying this before. That (my) music gets you into a deep space really quick. And that’s true! It’s a deep space, it’s my space, it’s deep, that’s where I come from, I’m deep! (laughter and comments from the audience)

Out in deep space, you know!

I’m happy to be able to explain myself to you cause some of you didn’t understand me when I tried to talk, I was often high… Unfortunately, I succumbed to the psychedelics and the drugs of the sixties as a way to induce in the physical body, in this personality, at that time, the triggerings so that I could make my music and bring across my message! Drugs were needed by rock stars a lot because it triggered us, it triggered the encoded blueprint patterns within our bodies, which were unique. Our bodies were special, we were different. You may have seen that or known that. We could take in a lot more drugs than most people! (laughter from the audience)

And that was for a reason!

But I could say that now, you don’t need drugs, because your bodies have already been changed! Your bodies, all of your bodies have been changed. I can see it through your auras, I can see it through your energy patterns.. You don’t need drugs! You hardly need food, you know. You won’t be needing much more , maybe some water and some good times together but you’re not goanna be needing much….. because you’re ready for action, you’re ready to do what I see all of you are here to do, which is to bring about more light, to bring about more consciousness about being conscious, really. (About what you are about), about being "spirit in the flesh".

It was fun to show you that. It was fun. And I’ve talked a lot about other thoughts and feelings that were in the ethers, is how I’d say it then, because it was in the mass consciousness at the time. We’re talking about Spirit and talking about spiritual qualities and talking about being profound, in the moment. Being profoundly in the moment, is another quality I wanted to express. Being and expressing and feeling the moment in a very profound way. Which requires, then, the opportunity for some to dredge back into the past and the future, certain qualities for that very moment.

That’s the 'moment point', as some of you here understand it, from "Seth", that the moment point is like a little bit of a black hole or vortex point drawing in energies, then, either from other spaces as a vortex would or from other times and places as a black hole would. Just to give you that distinction. (As an aside) I could talk awhile about black holes and white holes but I don’t want to mess up your mind too much, (laughter from audience), I’d just rather talk about the analogies here and what they’re goanna do for you and the future…

(pause) I'm just goanna look again at you and your colors…..(long pause)

(Scanning the audiences energy field) A lot of purple here tonight! A lot of purple and green… Hmmm, a purple haze! (laughter from the audience) Yes, I see a lot of purple haze!" .....  
                           (More dialogue with students for another twenty minutes....)           

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