The Ascordia Center Presents

   EVA PERON     


"It is my pleasure to present myself to you. This is Eva....Peron. I am here with a few others who are my aides and helpers on the other side. It is difficult for me to speak in this fashion as I am used to a podium, platform and a microphone. So, I am being aided and assisted by a few others, who are my aides, aides-de-camp, as a matter of speaking. I understand that you are interested in my life as I had it in Argentina. It still gives me great memories to recall that time being of service to the people of Argentina."

"Well, where should we begin? I was a young girl who was brought to great visibility at a young age as I wanted to be known by the masses. By everybody. I had great ambition and I chose then to align myself with the forces at the time. The political forces which would champion my personal as well as my professional desires and needs. I was a bit of a showgirl in my early days. I was a dancer and I was a little bit promiscuous. I sold my body, to others for the sake of knowing information. For the sake of connecting to authorities and to those who had power. I was one of those women who used their sexuality for political purposes.

And I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the opportunity to assert myself in this way as women in those times did not have many opportunities to come into power. But I understood that power, that power of sex. I understood the power of my sexuality to the extent that it encouraged others to be drawn to me and to expose themselves to me in many ways. I gained favors and I gained recognition in this way such that I was already well known in the circle of friends before I met Juan, my husband and leader of Argentina. He was an older man and had been married before and of course I was drawn to his power and position and privilege. But also to his magnetism and to his charisma and to his vision for a greater Argentina."

"I do not have any regrets at all about my life. I do not have any regrets about what it was that I did. I learned a great deal about my abilities to manipulate people's opinions (about me) and, ultimately, about Argentina. I learned politics, then, in this way. I learned about political maneuvering. And how important it is to be able to influence the masses or influence other's opinions (to gain one's own end and vision.)

My end or vision was limited, at first, when I began to come into my own power. My vision was just to further my own ambitions and to gain status and fame in the eyes of others. To raise myself up from my poor surroundings, my impoverished beginnings. It was like that 'rags to riches' story you hear about those who come to America. There are those who make their fortune from a very limited beginning. I wanted to make a fortune. I wanted to be wealthy beyond my wildest dreams. I wanted very much materiality in my life. Yet, I also wanted materiality for my people."

"For I did make that step from just wanting for myself, to extending my own desires to those of my people. Especially so when I married and became the wife of Juan Peron. I became aware of my responsibilities as a political figurehead; to represent the needs and desires of the people or, to at least, serve some of them. And so, my personal ambitions became entwined with my public responsibilities and I fulfilled both, in the same breath, in the same fashion, by those activities that I participated within.".......

More to come!......stay tuned......

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