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Channeled by Michael Schuster

"I am the Earth. I do not entertain an ego perspective. I say "I" because I move through the ego of this channel. I know myself as the totality, of the constituency of the makeup of the planet you call Earth. My focus is far different than yours . I do have an ego structure of a kind, for otherwise I would not have an identity and I do have an identity, but it is not translated in individualized terms, nor is it translated in terms of a group consciousness that you might be accustomed to. As I come to move through vibrational shifts, I say that you are the Earth, and I am who you are. Your earth changes are not outside of yourself, this will become more apparent as the vibrations accelerate as you come to explore your personal challenges in very individualized terms and through a strong sense of individuality, and how you shall explore your challenges, you shall break through into a sense of a group consciousness, a sense of telepathic expansion, to, in stages, understand and grasp that you yourselves are the Earth.

    There are many facets of understanding I could explore in which you could consider, in logical terms, your earth changes. I see that they are emotionally based. They are physical in your terms but your world view and how you view who and what I am is a distortion. I am energy and I am light. I am love, I am the parameters of your emotional body. I have no understanding of your scientific method that tests the qualities of water or air. I can speak of these ideas, but they are not logical within my understanding of who and what I am.

    There are many contradictions on the earth at this time. Groups that consider themselves concerned with the environment. There are those that are sincere; there are those you would consider a sham. There are those who are considerate of the earth, those who take it for granted and those who are simply ignorant of their connectedness and have no desire to understand this idea of Self.

    I do not judge the constituents of what I am, for I am not in judgment of myself. But I see I must change, I must grow, I must expand I must heal myself and re-birth for how else can I serve humanity. And one thing that I can say that I am, I am committed to humanity. I am committed to the animal kingdom, the flora and the fauna. I am committed to the wind, to the dreams of the animals, to the insects, to the grasslands and the sea. I'm committed to the stars in the neighboring galaxies, I'm committed to represent an understanding of why the earth was accelerated, why the earth was 'seeded', why the earth is a school house of your local universe.

    And in certain terms of understanding, Earth is a very different planet; different than any planetary system that you would understand in space, in time, in your local galaxy. I represent a matrix, a full understanding of vibration, a full understanding of DNA and genetic makeup. that incorporates a splicing from all other civilizations that have interacted with your earth, that are currently allowed to interact with the earth and who in the future will interact with the earth. In this context, I am an experiment. Since you are part of the earth, you are all experiments and experiments in galactic healing.

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    In terms of your ego perspective, how you view the physicality of the earth, it is a beautiful planet. In terms of how you will come to explore the earth, via the vibrational shifts that you can all look forward to in your time, you will come to recognize me as light, as sound, as having values that you would call telepathic, connecting you to all aspects of your surroundings. You are the Earth. Every cell in your makeup understands itself as the Earth. In a seeming mix up of genetic coding, if you understand the accumulation of your cells that make up your bodily structure, you have lost the sense of connectedness that every cell in your body entertains and enjoys.

    In this sense of connectedness that the cells orient themselves to within your body structure, they do not operate with ego, therefore they have no orientation to time, to space, to orientation nor to identity. Your cells understand probabilities, your cells understand the speed of shifting probabilities into dimensions that you would call past and future. You will come to understand yourselves in terms of the knowing that your cells have always enjoyed. I am that I am. I know no boundaries. I am flexible and within my flexibility and flexible nature, I merge with probabilities in terms of what you would call future experience. I explore these ideas within my inner mind. I converse with what you would call dimensions surrounding the earth and within the earth.

    The makeup of Earth is quite complex. The sustaining qualities of the continuous creation is remarkably complex. yet it is very simple. You all individually and collectively through the mass consciousness agree to explore the idea of illusion and take it seriously for a given number of years that you call life. When you sleep, when you "pass on" and when you move into an altered state, the trappings of the physicality of earth no longer serve you, thus they are seen as illusion. You will come to explore the idea of Earth as illusion in the near term. For it will no longer serve you to take it so seriously and so literally.

    In the vibration of my evolution, I am utilizing what you would call "pollution" in a very creative way. I will require great water to cleanse myself and to re-birth who and what I am. And so, the pollution that lingers in your upper atmosphere shall create the melting of ice caps which in turn shall be utilized by my grand plan to integrate all aspects of the earth including what you would call pollution, corruption and the idea of concern for the earth. I do not judge those persons who are ignorant of their connection to my body. For how long could you hold your breath if you were not supported by the earth? How long could you sustain your bodies if you did not have drinking water? How long would your cells that make up your body maintain a healthy function if they were not fed on the idea of nutrients?

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    And so the Earth is changing, because the parameters that you have set forth within your experiences of the collective consciousness have placed a toll on my body that I am unable to sustain. Without judgment, I am surrendering to the path of least resistance, in the idea of "earth shakings". The earth shakings that I shall explore shall be a result of your individualized coming to terms with who and what you are, moving through your challenges and coming to release neuro-chemicals into the atmosphere of my body, of my skin, if you will, that will create a sense of trembling, a sense of shaking. For I will mirror your confusion and as I come to mirror your confusion, I shall set forth in momentum an understanding of release, an understanding of shakings, an understanding of floods. And how you, in turn, react to the proliferation of this shaking shall set in motion another set of emotional releases into the atmosphere and in cyclical fashion and in this way you will come to learn in no uncertain terms that you are the earth.

   I am not outside of yourself, I'm quite within your imagination, your inner space. The cells that make up your fingers are the cells of the mountain. The cells that make up the oceans are the cells in your brains. There is an interchange biologically, a great dance, a sharing where all aspects of the earth share molecular structure in a way that escapes your attention. In the dance of the atoms and the molecules, in your atmosphere, as you inhale, the molecules of the air become one with your body. As you exhale, the trees take on your carbon dioxide and create oxygen.

    And it has been the experience of many planets where they have destroyed this link, of breath, to trees, to oxygen and back to the trees. And so as you pollute your environment, you will not allow yourselves to destroy your world as others have been destroyed. What I am embarking upon is a grand experiment. For humanity in terms of a conscious choice of the mass consciousness has agreed and set into motion a plan that in religious terms, takes you back to the Father. And in ecological terms, offers you the sensibility to understand your connectedness to the thought form that you call Earth. In this experiment, you are allowing yourselves the opportunity to end this incarnational cycle. As you re-cycle your memories, as time comes to a halt, you will end, what you call Karma, you will open up to the potential of Ascension and the ideas of Ascension, now. You will come to an understanding of your agreement with the Earth where I shall release you from your bonds, from your contract, if you will. Whereas there shall be a re-cycling of humanity of species coming to explore the idea of physicality as you have come to understand your flesh. In this way, Earth will be re-cycled for future generations and as parallel aspects of my body goes in the fourth dimension, in your terms of recognition, you will still utilize the earth but on a different plateau. For the electro-magnetic grid pattern of the earth itself, is running itself for a sense of commerce, intergalactically, for a plan that was set in motion, pre-Lemurian, pre-Atlantean, pre-Egyptian, in the idea of the original attempt of the Earth as a bounty of natural beauty of galactic commerce.

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    And so, in your New Age, you shall come to explore this idea for those who wish to share in this idea. And for others, there will be an inflow of consciousness into a new third dimensional world view. And for still others, there will be a sharing inter-galactically of the civilizations that you would call the Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda, Angelic. For as your Earth translates itself to a fourth dimensional world view, the vibration will ready itself simultaneously to a sharing that has not been explored since the beginning of time. As you come to understand Time as a projection of your physical sense, you will come to un-tie, to rely less on your physical senses, understand your natural telepathic abilities, so as to merge with the flowers, the trees, the air, the soil, the sand, the sea and the breeze. All animals, all insects, all of humanity will be seen as a continuum of energy, a continuum of sharing, a continuum of value fulfillment that shares with one another, to appreciate in the process of sharing itself a grand overview of physicality, that will be impossible in any other way, of the sharing which has always been with you but you have been ignorant of through your journey.

    As you come to explore this idea, many myths shall be shattered, myths of separation and judgment. And you shall come to explore an opportunity to love yourselves and in the process, love your projections. In this way, the Earth shall be healed. As you come to heal the planetary Logos, you will simultaneously be welcomed into a galactic federation where you will come to understand the constituency of the Earth that makes up your genetic background. You are an experiment, in the flesh, a sharing of the genetics of a multitude of worlds, hence you have physical races. You have characteristics of skin color, of language, Your challenge has been, in certain terms, to appreciate the cultural diversity of your world. But the plan has not worked in this fashion. But the Earth has always been tolerant. Your Earth has always served you.

    You will come to understand your commitment to the Earth, your Earth's commitment to you and the great love and the great bond that we have always shared and enjoyed and explored together. In the vibration of this bond, you will appreciate your breath connecting to you through the heart to merge ultimately with what you know of as your crown chakra and in the vibration of the rising of the Kundalini, you will understand that the Chi, the Prana, the vibration of All That Is . through the breath. I shall celebrate with you in these moments, that you call Ascension, your cells will resonate with the vibration, not of density, but of light. And you will come to recognize that you no longer can sustain the image and the projection of your physicality......

    You will spontaneously realize tremendous support available to you from the worlds of spirit. You will come to understand the great sharing, the cooperative nature of the Earth itself, for any break in the chain of ecology disrupts the entirety of the Earth and my body. In certain terms, that you would call ego, I am sore. I have scales. My bodily fluids are rancid. I say I must be cleansed, symbolically, now, I shall be cleansed, in cooperation with your emotions, in cooperation with humanity as we come to merge in the same momentum of sustaining the grand illusion that you have called Terra, Gaia, Earth.

    In the vibration of this occasion, the Christed ones of all time shall return and the totality of this momentum shall carry my body into the vibration of a new foothold to reclaim the galactic heritage of the Great Plan of which I've always been a part. And in this timing, you will choose individually, now, to reach your potential or degrees therein, you will explore in your own timing your own Ascension. I shall celebrate with you. You shall celebrate with me. Consciously, we shall dance into the vibration of song, into the vibration of love, into the vibration of sharing. This has always been the intent of who and what I am. I speak with humbleness for I am who you are. I know no boundaries but neither do you. I shall leave in this timing into the ethers that sustain your world. I am that I am. So be it."