"I am called Daniel. It is indeed a pleasure to be here to welcome all of you into the realms of spiritual enlightenment. I, too, was once a human as you are right now and I had the same qualities that you have right now. I have gone through the human drama, many, many times and have understood its trials, its tribulation, its pains, its joys, its sorrows, its fulfillments so much so that now, for one who no longer feels the need to fit in the physical realm, I act as guide and teacher to those who are, in themselves, focused in a physical existence.

I have been a human being and have lived on the earth plane and earth like planes over many, many eons of time passing. I have ascended through the rank of the chain of karmic cause and effect to a level of perfection, as you would understand it, so that I neither require nor desire human experience for my spiritual growth. At this point then, in my development, as you would call it, I have ascended or mastered the understandings and the laws that govern your earth plane. I have achieved a certain wisdom and insight from many, many lives of experience in the earth drama. I have learned, through many lifetimes, how to create my reality, how to manifest my will, how to create a compassionate heart and how to maintain the integrity of my being.

We of the Brotherhood, as we would call ourselves, who serve the earth plane as guides and teachers, are intent upon creating and maintaining a dialogue between those of the earth plane and those of the non-physical realms so as to create a greater understanding of Reality as we all understand it; to also create perhaps an integration of understandings, as we would understand it, of our reality and God, Goddess, ALL THAT IS.

What is it all about? What does it all mean? What is the meaning of existence? This, for you, may be the crux of your questions. I myself can only speak from my own understanding of what has occurred to me in my lives and what is occurring to you, now, in your life, on the physical plane. If one wants to understand one's existence, one  first needs to come to an understanding of one's self. The understanding of self requires that one must come to understand what one must believe in and what one values. To reiterate again, one needs to understand one's beliefs. For there is no one Truth but many shared truths, and many shared values and meanings. And all values and all meanings ultimately originate from one's belief structure or belief system.

These are words not to be taken lightly. For in your society, these words have been taken lightly. These ideas have not been given their proper place or the proper perspective (or understanding) in your educational system. For one may go through life seeking meaning through external events, external traditions and externalized circumstances; and such events, such traditions and such circumstances may have really nothing to do with your own internal belief system.

Thus you may find yourself to be in constant conflict with society around you and not understand why; As well as feeling that you are an outcast and that you do not belong to society. For what is happening, is that you are not thinking through your own internal belief structure. You are not seeking what it is that constitutes your own beliefs. For once you do that, you will feel an automatic alignment of yourself, with yourself and with others who have like beliefs and like values.

"What is your purpose?", is the question. I can only say to you that you create your own meaning through your beliefs and values and that this meaning is then shared with others and either corroborated or invalidated by yourself and others. You create your own reality. You create your own reality, through your beliefs and values which in turn give meaning to your life. Since you create your own life drama, it is indeed a creative masterpiece. That you, your body, you, your family, you, your community, you, your society, you, your country and you, your planet are all a great cooperative effort at understanding what it means to be alive.

And these are my words for you today!......

(This introduction was excerpted from two taped channeling sessions recorded in April and June of 1987 at the Ascordia Center in Phila., Pa.)