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Amy Bortner-Gialuco
Channeling Tree Index

  This index table lists the names of the beings who I have publicly channeled over the last twenty years. In the near future, I will be creating links for each name in the table, so as to allow you to read excerpts from their channeled communications.

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    My Channeling History

    The very first entity with whom I made contact with was the Ascended Master DANIEL in 1979. I  communicated with him initially through an automatic writing session in which I was told that this would be the best method to connect with him. I kept a special notebook devoted just to our written communications.  I channeled Daniel in this fashion for over a year. 

    I then went on to communicate with Daniel  through another channeling method in which Daniel spoke through my voice and animated my body.  These unique sessions began in the fall of 1980. During these initial communications, DANIEL indicated to me that, as he was an Ascended Master, that he was a spiritual teacher and one who specialized in metaphysics and psychology. He also indicated to me that we had had many past lives together and that he would be my personal guide and mentor in this present lifetime.

    In 1985, I moved to Philadelphia, Pa. Through various mentors and teachers, I made contact with other spiritual beings including "The Guides" (spiritual teachers and counselors close to the earth plane), in 1986, Aleisha, Ascordia, Astoriel (Seraphic Angels), in 1987, The Sleepwalkers (A multiple consciousness complex), in 1988 and The Speakers (highly evolved teachers), in 1989.

     In 1990, I began to communicate with and channel the personalities of recently deceased rock and roll musicians (including John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison), historic personalities ( such as Carl Jung, Albert Einstein and John F. Kennedy), the entity LANDAU (a student of Daniel's and master healing guide) and the Archangels Michael and Gabriel. 

    As you can see, my ability to channel has grown tremendously over the years and I continue to work with my "unseen friends" and "spiritual family" at the Ascordia Center.  At present, I offer private readings with "The Guides" and public channeling sessions with "Daniel", "Ascordia", "Astoriel" and "Landau". 

     I have found this work to be completely fascinating and awe inspiring and hope to be able to share more of this information to the public in the years to come!"

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     Audio Tape/CD Archives

    I have made an (audiotape/CD) archive of all of these communications and have created a series of audiotapes and CD's  from the (channeled) communications of DANIEL, ASCORDIA and LANDAU. These particular channelings are available in both transcript and audio tape/ CD form. All audiotapes/CD's consist of an introduction and lecture by DANIEL/ASCORDIA/LANDAU followed by a questions and answer session in front of a live audience. Many of the tapes/CD's include meditations and energy attunements as well as personal, spiritual or historical information. The tapes/CD's are  90 minutes in length (45 minutes on each side) and retail for 12.50 apiece OR $15.00 (120 min.)

     For more information or to purchase an Ascordia tape/CD, 
    please call: 215-242-0185 or e-mail