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"Across The Universe"

The "Across the Universe" newsletter was created by the director of the Ascordia Center, Amy Bortner, Co-Director, John Gialuco and various members and associates of the center back in 1993. It was subsequently published between the years 1993 and 1995. The (A.T.U.) consisted of channeled lectures, articles, personal accounts, teachings and poems related to spiritual and personal growth, metaphysical principles and spiritual laws. It was dedicated to the Philadelphia spiritual community and its intention was to educate and inspire the public to "New Age" philosophy and perspective.

The channeled lectures and articles were taken from the Ascordia Center's audiotape series "Trance-Formations" including lectures from "Ascordia", "Astoriel", "Daniel", "Landau" and the "Sleepwalkers". Guest channelers also presented articles and inspired accounts in these issues. And guest teachers from the Philadelphia tri-county area have also contributed stories, articles and poems. (A special thanks to Joel Dubin for his wonderful front cover illustrations and artistic renderings for all five of the A.T.U. newsletters and... A special thanks to Debby Starks Taylor for her business advice, contributions and support.)

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                                                                                                       Editor's Message                                                      Sacred Voices                                                                                                                    
Looking For Mr. Good Guide                        The Earth Speaks 

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                                                                          Editor's Message                                                                   Editor's Message
Moving into the 4th Dimension                                                 Philadelphia: The Holy Experiment
                                                                                            Astoriel Speaks                                                                      

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