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Vol. 1 - Issue 5

A Message from the Editor

Greetings and welcome from the Ascordia Center!

We are dedicating this issue to the great City of Philadelphia, my present home and original birthplace some forty odd years ago! I had been drawn back to this city ten years ago after a long period away and had always wondered what mysterious circumstances conspired to bring me back.

I know now that Spirit brought me here to fulfill a sacred purpose (as Lightworker and World Server) - To awaken people to their spiritual destiny and to anchor into this fair city new energies of light and love that are being sent to the planet from the Celestial and Whole Light realms.

My purposes were slowly revealed to me over time and through highly unusual circumstances and I daresay that many people were brought to this city under similarly unusual circumstances and for similar reasons. I now know that there is a master plan involving a great multitude of Lightworkers to initiate a great spiritual awakening here and all along the entire East coast which can only be achieved when a critical mass has been awakened, healed and rightfully attuned to their spiritual origins and purposes.

We, as "Philly" Lightworkers, were brought here to first heal ourselves and then heal each other so that we could all become attuned to our spiritual purpose which, in general, is to become clear and pure channels of the energies of light and love. As such, we would be most able to anchor these powerful forces into the very grounds of Philadelphia itself! For Philadelphia is truly a blessed and a sacred city, with great vortices and portals of energy anchored here from the angelic and ascended master realms that easily project out across the land and the entire planet! And stored within the caves, rocks and waters of its beautiful parks are encoded memories and vibrations from the Atlantean and Pre-Atlantean times including the Native American realms.

Spirit has indicated that the simplest and most profound way that we can anchor in these energies, thus raising this city's vibrations is by honoring her sacred sites through meditation and prayer, sacred ceremony and ritual. This anchoring, in turn, will not only raise the vibrational frequencies, of Philadelphia and the East Coast but the entire United States as well! And this "ascension" of frequencies will eventually trigger and activate all of humanity to redirect its will to that of spiritual principles and universal law. Such spiritual principles, then, are exemplified by this particular city's namesake - The City of Brotherly Love and the Cradle of Democracy!

All of the articles in this issue, then, reflect upon this theme of awakening to our spiritual origins, purposes and destiny, in Philadelphia. For we, in Philadelphia, are meant to come together (in greater and greater numbers) to anchor in these energies of light and love and to initiate a great spiritual awakening all across the land.

It is my hope and prayer that this great awakening will catch on, catch hold and catch fire like the great freedom flame, like the violet fire and ascension flame so that it will spread its light across the entire planet and ultimately across the entire universe!

In Light and Love,

Amy Bortner (Gialuco), Dir.
Ascordia Center