By Johanna Rucker
Edited by Amy Bortner

Have you ever wondered why you were born in Philadelphia or live in and around the Philadelphia area? Are you one of the many people who recently moved to Philadelphia because you knew it was important, but didn't know why? Have you, more recently been getting intuitions, hints or, even direct experiences indicating your purposes here?

William Penn, founder of this "Holy Experiment", as he called it, was guided to call this area - Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, even before the settlement was started! What did he intuit about this location and how can we find out for ourselves why this area is indeed a Holy Experiment?

Well, the time of revelations has come for we are now entering an age of great spiritual awakening. Many of us are remembering our purposes for returning to the earth plane as "messengers of light", "walk-ins", "star children", world servers or "light workers". So let us now remember our purposes in Philadelphia, to be the catalysts or "keys" to this great awakening taking place all across the land!

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During the Spring, I started a study group, to explore the spiritual principles behind the US. Constitution. As such, we studied many books and esoteric tracts which indicated a high spiritual purpose behind the development of the United States. As Lightworkers, my friends and I were interested in discovering what our spiritual purposes were for living in the United States and, more specifically, for living in the city of Philadelphia.

One of the books we read was entitled Spiritual Politics by Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson. This book began to give us some answers by providing a metaphysical overview of the destiny of all nations and, in particular, the soul destiny of the United States. Quoting David Spangler in his book, Conversations with John, the authors state: The United States 'is a planetary nation, emerging not from a particular race or people, but from the efforts, hopes and dreams of men and women of all races and nations. It is the site of a great planetary experiment, a human experiment; for the United States has emerged with a destiny to serve humanity in ways no other country has ever done".

With this understanding that our country has such a great destiny, we asked ourselves what we, who live in "the cradle of liberty" can do to achieve this destiny.

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We decided to hold a group meditation /visualization in order to receive an answer. In so doing, we asked spirit to provide us with a vision, message or sign.

We first envisioned ourselves standing in a circle at Independence Hall around a cracked flagstone. This particular flagstone is lined up centrally between Independence Hall and the Commodore Barry statue and is a power center where six "ley" lines of great power and force merge and enter into the earth. (Ley lines are cosmic energies that travel along electro-magnetic lines of force that circle the planet in an energy grid work system and enter the earth through sites indicated as power centers (see Leroy Bull's article in this issue)

With this visualization in mind, we then collectively asked spirit what our purposes were in Philadelphia. During the meditation, two people in our group actually 'saw' the ley lines entering the flagstone area, either as 'swift streams of fog,' or as 'streaks of iridescent light in bluish gray'.

Some of us saw circles of Archangels and the Ascended Masters such as El Morya (Master of Divine Will), St. Germaine (Master of Spiritual Freedom and the Violet Ray) and Jesus Sananda (Christ-Master of Divine Love). Still others saw circles of Native American spirits (earth healers) and some of the original signers of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution!

One person saw a "space-ship shaped" energy pouring gold and white beams of light directly down into our circle. And yet another saw herself connecting these energies of light with those of Washington, DC. and New York City! The message was clear from our meditation that great spiritual energies are pouring into this great vortex of power at Independence Hall and that we have many guides and masters standing ready to help us in our work. Our "work" evidently is to found or ground in these higher spiritual energies and to connect them with other cities along the entire Eastern coast!

So that we have been called to Philadelphia in order to accomplish this task. As Lightworkers, then, we have "the keys" within us to open doorways and portals to vaster spiritual realms and energies. Such openings are meant to facilitate the development of the Age of Awakening, the Age of Radiance or the New Age as it is commonly termed. And that's because Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, is the community of the upcoming New Age!

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According to the great spiritual thinker, Rudolph Steiner, the New Age is actually the Age of Philadelphia and those within the "community at Philadelphia" are the keys to open the doorway into these higher levels of knowing and being. Says Steiner, "The spiritual wisdom we have acquired during the fifth age will become the impulse of love in the sixth age, which is represented by the community expressing itself even in its name, the community of brotherly love, or Philadelphia. Accordingly, we are just beginning to move from the fifth age into the sixth age".

Philadelphia is the sixth community addressed in the biblical book of Revelation, and thus, represents the sixth age of mankind's spiritual development In this age, we will be all so aware of our connection with one another that no one can suffer without everyone suffering. And at the same time, we will have a greater freedom of thought than ever before.

Thus we will move into a whole new understanding and way of life that expresses itself as Unity in Diversity, or In Many, One or "E Pluribus Unum" (as our one dollar bills proclaim!)

For Steiner, the Book of Revelation is not about any outer apocalypse, but rather describes the spiritual evolution of man. And we are evolving into the "Age of Philadelphia"!

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And St. John, writer of the Book of Revelation, states in his prophecy: "And to the Angel of the community in Philadelphia write: These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth and no man openeth. Behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it." (Revelation, iii. p.7, 8) Thus the doorways to our spiritual evolution are being opened literally and figuratively in the age and City of Philadelphia!

Let us envision this geographical area as it was in ancient times. A great pyramid or temple from Atlantean or pre-Atlantean times may have stood on the site which is now Independence Hall. The energies emanating from this site are very powerful, as tremendous as the energies found at Stonehenge, England or at the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

And no wonder! No less that six ley lines emanate from a point marked by the cracked flagstone between Independence Hall and the Commodore Berry statue. One of the lines runs northwest through the Art Museum, Belmont Plateau, and on towards the Valley Forge Park area. Another extends itself southward through Cape May and eventually towards Egypt. And a third runs southwest and actually reaches Chichen Itza, Mexico.

This great vortex of energy is capable of sending out powerful thought and intention towards divine love and light around the planet, magnifying and transmitting this energy efficiently along an electro-magnetic energy grid. Those of us who live here have a special opportunity to activate these higher vibrations and ascend our city into the City of Light that it truly is.

As each of us opens ourselves up to the inflow of this powerful energy of divine love and light we can automatically raise the vibration of this geographical area by grounding these energies into our bodies and minds and projecting these energies across the land visualizations and meditations.

It is important that we hold a vision of a magnificent flowering of this "Holy Experiment" rather than to focus on the images of poverty, drugs, violence, and despair that we see in the news or in our immediate environment.

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I had a very powerful experience while on a train ride to Rhode Island where I was to attend a native American Sundance. During a meditation on the train, I had an over lighting vision for Philadelphia!

In the vision, I saw Philadelphia's City Hall as a great medicine wheel of light, with doors to the East, South, West and North, just as City Hall is designed. Directly East Of City Hall was the eagle-power animal of the United States of America-representing the dawning energies of the Age of Radiance, as I like to call it. (The eagle actually exists in the form of a bronze statue in the Great Hall at Wanamakers department store, where wonderful celebrations are often held. I also saw the great energy vortex of ley lines at Independence Hall bursting into a 1000-petaled lotus, and I knew it to represent the blooming of the flower of "E Pluribus Unum" (in Many One) the motto of our country.

Later, that summer, City Hall became the center of a great gathering of 2000 children who circled the building singing-gathering in the energies of brotherly love from the four directions and intensifying them under the watchful (and I'm certain) gratified eye of William Penn!

And just one year after my vision on the train, many of those from the Sundance in Rhode Island, made a pilgrimage to Independence Hall as part of a Peace and Dignity Journey. There, they created a ceremony of the four colors--drawing together the four races of man from the four directions into unity and oneness. And at Independence Hall on January 11, 1992 nearly 200 Lightworkers gathered to celebrate the opening of the doorway of the 11:11. Dressed in white, we were like beautiful petals of a giant lotus joining with thousands of others around the planet to step through the door of "E Pluribus Unum" - In Many, One.

To be living in or near this "Greene Country Towne" whose City Hall is a great medicine Wheel of light and whose Independence Hall is a powerful vortex of spiritual energies, is indeed a great privilege!

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As we move towards 1996 and beyond, it's time that we, in Philadelphia, step into the fulfillment of the ideal of "E Pluribus Unum", and come together to serve and honor our city.

We can serve her spiritual purposes by honoring the sacred sites that truly exist here in and around the city. We can do this by meditating on these sites in the privacy of our own homes and visualize them as being filled with the energies of divine light and love or we can actually go to these sites with sacred intent, call in the divine energies, and ask for a vision or any information that might be needed for healing or inspiration. The best known sacred sites around the city are Independence Hall and its environs, City Hall, Old Swedes Church and Christ Church in downtown Philadelphia.

Outside of center city, one can visit or meditate upon the various sites found in the parks and related historic areas such as Penn Treaty Park, located on Delaware Ave. next to the river, the Kelpius Cave on the site of the old Rosicrucian Monastery and the I AM Temple in the Wissahickon Park, the Chapel and Arch at Valley Forge Park and the grounds of Quaker Meeting Houses and all other places of worship. All of these sites will offer their gifts as we enter them in a sacred manner and will reveal their purpose to us when we ask for their energy and insight.

Although sacred site activities can be spectacular inner/outer events, as previously described, quiet activities can also have great power. Several of us made a sacred walk through Valley Green singing songs to honor the energies of the Divine Mother. Two of us visited Penn Treaty Park where we were told that the Deva of Philadelphia is the Green Tree Deva who should always be honored when doing sacred work for this area. Many of us gathered together at a drumming circle at Belmont Plateau, overlooking the beautiful skyline of Philadelphia where we were given honey to distribute, signifying a cooperation between humans and spirit to enhance the sweetness of energies around Philadelphia.

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In any case, remind yourself that all these places are not just physical places outside yourself but, more importantly, are sacred spaces within your own divine being. You are Independence Hall! And you are the keys to releasing new energies of light and love which are expressed at the sacred site of Independence Hall!

Let us offer our gratitude, then to be living in this magnificent city, this Holy Experiment which has been founded by great spiritual energies, energies which have indeed birthed a new nation based on the principles of freedom and justice for all and the principles of democracy - "E Pluribus Unum"- In Many, One.

The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were responsible for the birth of our nation and we, as spiritual midwives, will birth into being an even greater nation founded, as it will be, on an even greater frequency of (Brotherly) Love and (Spiritual) Freedom.

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