ACROSS THE UNIVERSE - Fall/Winter 1994


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Vol. 1 - Issue 4

A Message from the Editor


Greetings and Welcome from the Ascordia Center!

    As we move into the Winter season and bring yet another year to a close, I am reminded, once again, how fleeting the seasons are, how time seems to be flying by and how the calendar year, over the years, seems to be getting shorter and shorter.     It's as if time is moving faster and nature, itself, is hurrying it's pace in preparation for some greater event, some grander, event, taking place within a greater dimension. Is this the Ascension process that we hear so much about? Is it the end of one era and the beginning of another? Are all of our present circumstances conspiring to move us into a newer reality, a greater reality in which frequency and dimension vibrate at higher levels of light and love.

    Whether it's been labeled 'the end times' and Earth changes, or the ushering in of a new age of Peace and a return of the Christ, it all signals vast changes within the collective consciousness of all humanity, to reassess, recollect and reprioritize its Awareness so as to take that great leap forward into a vaster dimension of energy, creativity and power. Concomitant with this understanding is the idea that all of consciousness has a natural tendency and right to explore itself within other dimensions. That it routinely projects itself into and within other reality systems, into other forms and into other dimensional fields so as to experience itself in greater fashion, within a greater conception of its multi-dimensionality.

    So not only do these times indicate an acceleration of consciousness but an acceleration of its tendency to explore its greater dimensionality through a projection of thought and energy into other reality systems. This issue of the A.T.U. is dedicated to the idea that consciousness is ultimately awarized energy that seeks to know itself within and without multi-dimensional realities and continually moves through, time, space and dimension projecting energy and energy pattern that changes form and content as detained by a dimensional context. Whether we project a portion of ourselves through an out-of-body experience, a dream experienced shamanic journey, or an ascension process into the fourth or fifth dimensions, we are expressing our continual need to move through dimensions so as to experience ourselves in new ways, (to compare and contrast our relative experiences) and to create new understandings for ourselves of the endless possibilities of our creativity and being.

    All of the articles in this issue touch on this subject, of ascension, of movement of energy through space and time, and of consciousness projecting itself into other dimensions. So we hope that they will stimulate you into a greater awareness of yourselves as energy and form "across the universe" of space, time and dimension. Enjoy the holidays, enjoy the New Year and especially enjoy your explorations into your greater reality and greater multidimensionality!

Peace and Love,

Amy Bortner (Gialuco), Dir. A.C. /Publisher-A.T.U.