A Valentines Day Message from the Seraphic Angel Astoriel  


    And good evening to all of you. This is Astoriel speaking now through this channeler. As you know,  1, Astoriel, am an angel of the Seraphic order, as Ascordia is also an angel of the Seraphic order. And the two of us comprise a pairing or sharing of mutual activities and endeavors that involve the raising of your consciousness to an awareness of your spiritual origins.

    And so I, Astoriel, act in various ways and capacities to do this.  To wake you up, in a matter of speaking, to allow you to see the truth of your experience, the truth of your thoughts and feelings, the truth of your purpose here on the earth plane, so that you can be ultimately crystal clear about your position on the earth plane.  To understand clearly and honestly and exactly your lessons, your objectives, your interests, your issues and how all of that can allow you to raise your awareness to vibrations, dimensions, frequencies and electromagnetic patterns that would have you attune to higher states of mind, higher states of feeling or of heart, higher states of being in general in which your lessons become more exalted, more joyful, more blissful and more ecstatic in their outcome.

    We then of the angelic realm are here to reorient all of you to new ways of thinking, new ways of feeling and new ways of being. So that you can experience yourself clearly and honestly, yet with joy and ecstasy and bliss. So that we are here to give you examples of our energy so that you can feel this joy and this bliss. We are here to give you examples of processes and techniques by which  you can attune to this joy and this bliss. And we give you the ways in which you can release and expel  negative programming or thinking, negative beliefs and ideals, negative self talk and affirmations to the self that you may be giving yourself all the time. So that you cannot possibly begin to change unless you have cleared the field, so to speak, of all psychic debris, so that the angelic forces can make a clear and safe landing into the realm and domain of your consciousness, so to speak.

    So let us say then that we are not fly-by-night, but fly by day and night and that we are winging our way down to the earth so that we can make our stop here on the earth plane to "deliver the goods", so to speak. We are like the cosmic Federal Express, in which we are here to very efficiently and very quickly offer to you our gifts of spirit.

    And so, I Astoriel, have offered many a lecture in the past about various ways and techniques by which you can come into contact with that core part of your being, that soul-self essence that naturally and rightfully attunes to your joy and to your bliss.  Which alternately will allow you to attune to that energy of joy and bliss from which the angels originate (The land of joy and bliss, as we call the celestial realms and angelic levels).  For, at this level, originate many energies  that you call love. And so, many energies, that originate from the angelic kingdom, are routinely sent, routinely stepped down in vibration to be disseminated into various systems and dimension and frequency which are received as love energies. And these energies, then, help create the world as you know it. The world that you see and the world that you feel and touch and hear, which is ultimately composed of energies that originate from the angelic kingdom.

    And so 1, Astoriel, want to remind you of this fact, want to remind you of this important point, that you are made from energies of love, that you are made for energies of love, and that you are made by energies of love.  That you can attune to these energies through the heart chakra, as well.  That whenever you are feeling down and out, whenever you are feeling depressed and about, you can renew yourself, you can return to the self, by meditating on the heart, on awakening the heart, to the energies of love that rise potentially within and actively without.

    As this then was entitled a Valentine's Day message from the angels, I extend my Valentine to you, my energies to you and my understanding to you. For we of the angelic realm are always available to you through various dispensations, through various offices, through various stations ,shall we say it, of beings, of responsibilities and of various categories of responsibility that lie within the domain of guardian angels, personal angels, angels of your home, angels of your body and angels of your schools and community. For there are many angels, then, by which you can attune to and be assisted by.   For every opportunity that you have, an angels exists for you to be assisted by and for and with.

    So understand that to understand our love is to understand that we are always in service to you. That our love for you extends itself in service to you, to be of support, to be of help, to be of advice and to be of counsel to you. And so there is a great deal of interest now in angels for there has been evidence  of our ability to be of assistance to you, especially in times of need and especially in times of crisis. And since there are more and more crises occurring now in the world, of course there will be more and more a need for assistance from angelic realms and from spirit realm, in general.

    So that you will see or hear of miraculous interventions by angels who are sent to the earth plane to be of assistance, particularly during times of discord and chaos, of riotous disruptions, of earthquakes, floods and upheavals and the like. So you will feel and sense their appearance now more and more at these times.

    And, as you know, there are more and more shows on television about rescue teams and about cops and robbers and about the opportunity for people to be saved from possible harm and violation. In a sense, these television shows are allowing the population at large, the consciousness at large, to become receptive to the idea of being saved, to being served by stronger and more powerful forces or agencies.

     And so, in its own fashion, "911" and "Cops" are creating an opening in people's consciousness to  accept the fact that there are other agencies that can be of service to them if they just but call, just but call for help.  And  that is why you have, now, more and more of an interest in 911 and of disasters and crises.  For this allows people to understand that they can call for help. And so, in our way, we have enabled the media to prepare the population to be able to be receptive to the idea that they can call for help, that they can "reach out and touch someone", to those not only in the physical plane but of the spiritual realm, as well.

    And so we happily applaud these developments, though they may seem a bit sensationalist in their categorization or in their form or content.  We happily applaud these developments for  they ultimately allow people to become aware of the possibility that they can reach out and ask for help. For too long, people have felt, within their communities,  that they should be self-sufficient, that they should help themselves  in all matters.  And, in fact, the religious dictum - "God helps those who help themselves" has been such a strong statement, such a strong influence upon your religious communities, that it has invariably marked the personality and the cultural upbringing of many people in this area (Allentown in particular.)

      Those who were brought up under a strong European or Puritan background have that sense of strength, self-sufficiency, and a "we can do it ourselves" attitude. This then can also be taken to a certain extreme, such that you begin to feel alienated or isolated from your neighbor and from each other. So that you do not reach out enough to ask for help from your fellow neighbor or even from your family.

    This, of course, is not always the case.  But what we're saying is that if you cannot reach out to a fellow neighbor for they are too far away and/or if you are totally alone and have no one to talk to,  you can  reach out to your spiritual neighbors and friends.  For, they too, are listening on their cosmic telephones, they too can be of service to you in the same way as your 911 operators, as your fireman, as your police and as your ambulance corps.

     For it will be evident that many more miracles will be occurring to people who will be involved in a disaster of a physical or geophysical origin. And you will see this in the months to come, when there will be earth changes in other parts of the world in which there will be floods and earthquakes and the like affecting hundreds or thousands of people.

     And, so we say as a result of these earth changes and upheavals, there will be a shift in humanity's awareness of the existence of the spiritual domain and its intimate involvement in its welfare. And so there will be an opening in all of humanity's awareness of the possibility that there are truly spiritual friends and neighbors who do exist for them to call upon for help. And so this is what we are seeking at this time, your receptiveness and readiness to call for help. For once you are receptive, that is to say, once you have laid down your resistance to the idea that we are here or that we can be of help, you can now be open to our help and we can be even more effective, more powerful and more transformative angels in all of your lives.

    And so we are happily awaiting that time when all of humanity can lay down its sword, shall we say, lay down its hammer and sword or hammer and sickle, so that they can raise their hands up for help honestly and openly (and without any guilt or shame involved in the process.)

    So what we are saying here is, that this is also a time when we feel that many of you are undergoing a process of releasing shame and releasing guilt about your past or your present or your future. And as you begin to feel freed from shame or guilt (about anything,) you will feel free-er and lighter, in a manner of speaking, and more receptive to our help and of being helped, in general, by greater spiritual forces, forces of love, forces of energy, forces of power and forces of discernment.  ......

(This is an excerpt from an Astoriel channeling by Amy Bortner-Gialuco  given on February 14, 1994 at the "See of Tranquility" Center, Allentown, Pa.)