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 "Spiritual Warriors Are Needed in this Time of Great Transition" 

 Lecture by The Seraphic Angel Astoriel 

And good evening to everyone here. This is Astoriel speaking now through this channeler. And it does give me great pleasure to be of assistance and aid to all of you here on the earth plane. I have been called here this evening to welcome you to your spiritual selves, to welcome you back to your spiritual center, to welcome you back to the Ascordia/Astoriel Center. For we do indeed work together as you work together on the earth plane in pairs or couplings. The number two appeals to us for various reasons, but that we also work in tandem with other organizations of spiritual hierarchy as well as other angels from time to time. So that we are not wholly solitary or wholly monogamous, if you will, or wholly polygamous, if you will, but gather our forces together where we need to.

 And so we say you are here gathering your forces together where you need to at this time. For it's important to gather your forces, to gather your inner energies, to strengthen your inner being, to fortify your inner awareness so as to handle the onslaughts of the energies that are coming from other levels, shall we say, forces that would have you be put down for your spiritual growth and progress, shall we say it. (We will not call them dark forces nor evil forces or satanic forces) but we will call them those forces, those thought forms, energy forms, consciousnesses, beings, world views and the like that operate, on the earth plane in polar fashion to constructive forces, that seem to be making their way now into the body politic of this country, into the politics of this country, into the politicization then of the governmental machinery, shall we say it, such that you will find there will be a great struggle occurring at governmental and political levels between, what we'll say, constructive and destructive forces.

We then, of the angelic realm, are here to just monitor this activity, to placate, shall we say, then those who wish to feel that they still have a chance in this world of sorrows and woe to manifest their spiritual vision. And so I, Astoriel, of course, am here to offer you encouragement, to offer you the fortitude, to offer you the force, shall we say, of gathering  your inner strengths together so that you can continue forward  in spite of what you see and hear around you, in spite of what people say to you or what people are doing to you or to each other that seems to be frightening, alienating, divisive, violent and aggressive All of this that you encounter in your daily sojourns, into your daily life, is just  but an example of how it is that you still must continue to operate in a reality that is based on a consensus opinion that the world is not a safe place, that the world is not meant to support each and every being that inhabits it, that the world is not a spiritual place but a material place and a very material one at that and so on and so forth such that you feel that you must counter these beliefs consistently with your own effort to manifest your spiritual goals continually. 

So it is like then swimming in a sea of mud, swimming in a sea of murky waters and that you have to fight the tide and you have to make an extra effort to swim forward and that you are constantly being pushed back by the greater waves of dissension and dis-alignment and disillusionment, shall we say, and dis-ease which you feel are just those forces that would have you placed back onto "square one" which is not where you want to be any more. And so we say we of the angelic realm are here to encourage you, to give you that force, to give you that extra energy, to give you that push forward, that momentum forward to break through this stagnation, shall we say, to break through the morass of murky beliefs and destructive energies, to "break on through to the other side" as been said  by your famous poet and singer, Jim Morrison, to break through then this veil of tears, this veil of woe, this veil of ignorance that you see manifesting so acutely now at this time. 

And so it seems like it's manifesting so acutely at this time for it's coming to a head, so to speak, that the energies of forces of ignorance, of darkness, of greed, of avarice, of violence and aggression, of fear, of terror, of anxiety are moving forward in a momentum just as strongly then as the movement towards love and light, towards humanity and compassion, towards fairness and generosity, which are also moving forward at breakneck speed as if the two were in a race, so to speak, and you were caught in the middle. We say that just as it's coming to a head, it will also come to a point of turning-- a turning point, if you will-- into a new direction such that those forces that choose then to manifest as such will not be able to manifest into the world that we will see to it that manifests for you. So that they will move into another probability, shall we say it. Those forces will move into another probable earth, as we know it, such that you will see suddenly shifts then in the body politic, in your government, in your society, in your families towards a more constructive, enlightened, positionality.

 But before that point, before that time, it will seem as if everything is going in the other direction, that it seems to be going in a downhill fashion very quickly so that you must understand that this is a temporary phase, that this is a temporary lag, shall we say, indicating the ultimate change then, as we see it, of the mass consciousness towards a more enlightened and a more en-lovened state, if you will. So we are here to encourage you not to become discouraged. We are here to encourage you not to become disappointed or disillusioned or disenfranchised, if those around you seem still to be stuck in the mire of their own darkness, of their own ignorance, of their own inhumanity, if you will.  Tthat they too will be turning towards the light in their fashion, they too will be enlightened in their fashion, they too will be given an opportunity to make a choice for themselves as you have already made the choice for yourselves to work in the path of light and love, to understand the origins of their being as spirit, first and foremost; to understand their origin as a spark of God-Goddess-All That Is, first and foremost and to understand that the earth plane is just a temporary plane of existence, first and foremost to be of service to those who choose to inhabit this plane, who choose  to learn what ever it is that they decide to learn or to experience on this three dimensional habitation, shall we call it. 

All of you here then have made the choice to return to the earth plane to manifest certain visions, certain ideals, certain agreements and certain contracts. That is the case for most of you here, that your return to the earth plane has been a contractual agreement with your superiors, so to speak, with your teachers and with your peers in spirit realm. For you are here as a representative, as an emissary, as a voice for a group of beings, shall we say it, for classrooms of beings who are experiencing what you experience on the earth plane vicariously by their communicating with you in the dream state and in other states so that they understand what it is that is going on with you. 


So understand that you have a two fold purpose on the earth plane -  for you to experience the earth itself, by itself,  for yourself, uniquely  from your perspective. And also as an emissary, you represent  a group, a family, or a group of souls with whom you communicate routinely in the dream state. So you are here to be both an experienc-er  of the earth plane but also an objective recorder and viewer of earth plane activities.


 And so that is why we say it is important then that you not become too enmeshed in the status quo, in the consensus reality, into the mass belief systems, for you are here to objectively record and to discuss it but not to be engaged within it. For you are to give a certain gauge to those in spirit realm as to when and where and how they are to create opportunities for certain changes to occur on the earth plane for the betterment of all humankind. So you are the gauge, you are the feedback mechanism for spirit realm, to make choices as to how to reclaim the earth plane to its former position of exultation in the areas of its spiritual position in the universe as you know it, as in God's universe as we know it. So you are very important people. Perhaps you know or don't know it. Perhaps you sense it. Perhaps you understand it at some point that you have an importance that you cannot understand. And so we say you then  you are the guides and the scouts for the spirit realm to ascertain the terrain, to ascertain the psychic terrain, if you will, the psychic conditions on the earth plane as they exist in this fashion, in this reality, in this probability or in many probabilities.

 And you are to report back accurately the psychic terrain for them then to understand as to what to do next in certain fashion for your benefit and for the benefit of those you know and who you contact and who you make contact with and who you are exposed to and to whom you influence and influenced by. For within then the realm of your friends and family, within the realm of those whom you meet routinely, you have an extraordinary influence that perhaps you are not aware of. That your energies are such that they have a strong, impressionable force that makes itself known to all those you come into contact with. And so we say this is what is being monitored. And this is what is being measured and this is what is being observed  by those in spirit realm so as to continue to decide and discern what is appropriate for the mass level of awareness in terms of upgrading its abilities to take in spiritual energy, information and understandings.

 So we say you are like the pioneer scouts that'll go out into new terrain and record the landscape and the geography of the land so as to return with more accurate maps  to their commanders so as to give them a better sense of what to do next in terms of staking out the territory and laying claim to the land. And so just then as you are the scouts, we of the spirit realm are your commanders who are now learning how to stake out the territory and make our decisions as to how to reclaim this land, as we know it, of light and love from the forces that we would say are dark or, shall we say, of the less of the light. And understand then that you are the scouts, that you have been assigned, have been commissioned, have been brought into service for this purpose.

And so, I, Astoriel, have decided to bring this point up to you this evening, to make it absolutely crystal clear if it hadn't been before, that this is your purpose. That you must understand now you are very important for that purpose alone. And that the more you experience the psychic terrain of your own egoic viewpoint, the more  you experience the psychic terrain of the mass consciousness, of those around you and therefore can give the most accurate assessment of what is occurring at this time. And so do not belittle or belabor your experience in life if it has not been up to par or up to snuff or if it has been not up to your expectations or if it has been very dissatisfying. For in that dissatisfaction and disillusionment and denial and depression, you are accurately recording the experiences not only for yourself but of all mankind who experience the same or similar emotions, emotional states, feeling tones and feeling states as you do on a routine or more routine basis. 

So you are an accurate barometer. The more sensitive you are then to the nuances of emotions and to feeling, the more accurate you will be in returning this information to the spirit realm. For our purpose is then to make claim back then to the earth itself. So we say that perhaps you have begrudged your abilities to be so sensitive, to be so empathic, to be so intuitive, to be so aware at times. You have begrudged that ability but now you must understand that is a blessing and it is a responsibility because you must use that ability to determine, to gauge, to accurately assess the emotional standards, shall we say, by which the human population bares for itself at this time, its ability to perceive and receive  the love energy frequencies that are routinely bombarding the planet as you know it. 

And so we say as you begin to upgrade your own abilities to receive the [light] energies, as you begin to upgrade your abilities to receive information with greater discernment, greater boundaries, greater awareness, such that you begin to make better choices for yourself in terms of what to receive and what to transmit in emotional or energetic terms, then we say that you are also allowing for an upgrade in the ability of all around you to also be able to do the same. So as you increase your abilities to rightly assess energy and to use it correctly then so are others around you doing the same. For you have that effect on others as well. For as you improve so they will also improve. So you may have noticed this in your life. You may have noticed that as you have changed and transformed and become better people, that those around you may also be doing the same or for those who cannot they drop away from your life rather quickly. They move away out of your realm rather immediately. And so we say you have that powerful effect then on others. And know this for yourself so as not to take this so personally, not to take this as a personal rejection or a personal claim on who you are but just to know that you've had this effect on another human being. 

You are in a slightly altered state all the time for you are always altering others all the time as you are being altered then by us, in a sense, through our recommendations for how you are to continue to experience the world in your fashion. At times you have been told to experience the world in a very vulnerable and placative fashion. And at other times you have been told to experience the world in a very aggressive and demanding and armored fashion. And at other times you have been told to experience the world in a meditative fashion and so on and so forth and so on and so forth. And so you all have had many ways of seeing the world. You have experienced the world in many different ways as if you've had many different lives emotionally speaking and you all have, for you have been directed to have many different life time experiences in one life. So that you have a greater perspective than most about what it is to experience emotions, to experience thoughts, to experience desires and to experience intentions here on the earth plane and to understand the results of such an experience.

 We say it's important that you understand how thought, feeling, action, desire and intention operate and intertwine with one another for that is truly the point of the human experiences to understand to integrate these various impulses, these various energies, these various world views that originate then from these various sources of your being, both in body and mind and spirit. And as you become then masters over this subject, as you become more aware as to how to co-create with God-Goddess-All That Is, the energies that you need to manifest through your thoughts, your feelings, your actions, your desires and in your intentions, you become more and more aware as to how important the quality then of your thoughts and feelings are, the quality then of your intentions and desires are.

 And so you're beginning to learn how to increase the quality of such through a right attunement to what, we would say, is your personal good, your personal joy, your personal vision, your higher self. All of these are terms that perhaps you are aware of so that you understand that your task at this time is to upgrade the quality of your thinking and feeling, acting and intending, desiring and believing such that your thoughts become more and more attuned to light and to love, to joy and to pleasure, to happiness and satisfaction, to peace and to contentment, to balance and to grace. All of these terms, which we call the virtues, are those qualities, those qualities that you're beginning to attune to, to resonate to, to begin to feel comfortable with more and more. More so than the previous qualities that you may have needed to experience rather, to want to experience,  in terms of attunement to the fear or to envy or to greed or to avarice or to lust or to terror or to anxieties or to outright violence or rage. All of these then have been experiences you've had but which do not serve you any further and do not serve your dual purpose any further as well. 

So we say at this time that you are on the verge of making a great leap then forward into the realm of attunement to light and love, such that you begin to more routinely seek out those experiences that will validate your feeling comfortable with light and love, with love energies, with light frequencies so that you will begin to seek out more and more the company of others who also do the same. And so it will become a more and more greater part of your life to continually to seek out each other's company so that you can reinforce each other's growth and stimulation and to reinforce each other's purpose as emissaries and scouts and pioneers on this land that you know as the planet earth.

 I, Astoriel, then am here to encourage you and to give you that energy, as I've said before, to consolidate your energies, to gather them together so as to form a bridge, a front, a wall, shall we say, a mantle that will allow you to break through and penetrate the defenses not only of your own ego but of others' egos, of others' intentions and beliefs and desires that would not have you render them neutralized or released from a person's body/mind system but you cannot be stopped, you cannot be stopped for your purpose also is to break up the old patterns, to break up the old order of things, to be like they say a ghostbuster or dustbuster.  You are a belief buster, you are a systems buster, that's the word. You are a system buster. And so we say you all belong to that family of light, that light family of beings who are system busters. And so you may have experienced that in your life in certain ways that you always wanted to work outside of the system or work to break up the system or to work around the system as you know it. 

So understand this because you are all system busters in your family of consciousness as you would call it in your origin of being. And so we of the angelic realm have called you forth from the various strata of the universe, from the various dimensions within the universe and various other activities that you are already involved with off this planet. We called you back here to the planet earth to take on this activity, to take on this calling, this service calling, shall we say, to be a systems buster within this environment, to break up the old ways in many ways, shapes and forms. And in doing so, you have also learned how to break up greatly enmeshed beliefs and distorted ideas that you may have been carrying around for eons within your own being, within other dimensions as well. 

So this is a therapeutic adventure for you as well as a therapeutic adventure for the earth plane. And so we say that is why you are all concerned with healing, healing the self as well as healing the earth. For you know that part and parcel to your own healing then is a concomitant healing of mass consciousness and of the consciousness of the earth itself. And so you are very aware of the connections that you have with the earth plane and with the earth planet itself. That you know as you feel a certain way, so does the planet and so does the mass consciousness. As you think a certain way, so does the planet and so does the mass consciousness. And as you begin to redirect your thinking and transform your beliefs and realign you emotions then, you are also doing the same then for the mass consciousness and for the consciousness of the planet earth. 

So know this is your job. So know this is your purpose. So know that this is your calling and this is your rightful responsibility here on the earth plane to continue to be just who you are in every moment as you are. For as you go, so does the planet. For as you think, so does the planet. For as you feel, so does the planet. And so, as you take on more of a sophisticated effort now to take responsibility for that which you think and for that which you feel and for that which you know, intend and desire, you are actually uplifting the abilities of all mankind and all of earthkind to do the same for themselves. 

We would not have called you back to this planet if we did not think you were capable of doing this. So know that you are capable of what you are doing and what you are planning to do. You are capable of breaking up old ways, old patterns, and to reinvest the old ways with new patterns which you are now exploring for yourselves. You do not know what the new patterns are necessarily. You have a sense of what they are. You can feel sometimes what they are but you do not know what they are exactly.  And that is the point, for we do not want you to know what they are exactly. We want you to discover them for yourselves what they are. We want you to discover what they are to you uniquely to yourselves for that is the only way that you will appreciate and then want to mimic and then manifest and repeat these patterns over and over again.  Only if you feel them to be true to your experience within your heart and within your mind. 

So as you seek out new patterns of being that are more constructive, that are more enlightened, that are more enlovened, you seek to verify these experiences, you seek to validate these experiences, you seek to certify these experiences. And so you do so in your own fashion. You do so through taking courses, through trainings, you do so through conversing with others and through comparing your experiences with each other. You do so in a way so that you can see results of what you do as to how they effect others and yourselves. And so you are still in the process of validating your efforts now to realign yourself to new patterns of thinking and feeling, behaving and action, acting and desiring. So that you can validate for yourself that this is your new truth, this is your new life, this is your new way of being. And so as you do so, so do others, in their own fashion, do the same. So as you go, so does the planet, so to speak. 

And so understand this in your own fashion that you have an important job here. But do not take it so literally that you must always be aware of what every little thought, feeling and action comes into mind or into body and that you must always be on top of it and that you always must be perfecting your being in the moment. No sir, that is not how it works. What we say is that you need to allow yourself to be as spontaneous as possible, to be in the moment as possible, to be as loving to your self as possible in each spontaneous moment. That is how it works here on the earth and on all other planes as well. Allow me a moment then to gather my thoughts together. So we say that tonight's gathering, for example, is an example then of your effort to reach out to others, to be with others of like mind and like purpose so as to compare and contrast your mutual experiences so as to know and to validate and to certify that you are on the right path to attunement to the higher spiritual understandings and forces.

 And I, Astoriel, am here just to validate your validation, to certify your certification, to verify then your truth to you as a reality, as a greater reality perhaps than you were even aware of. There's a meta-reality then to you that you are still discovering through various opportunities, through channelings, through body work, through your own psychic experiences, dream experiences, inspirational experiences. You are all learning about your greater dimensionality, your greater multidimensionality. And so even though you have the opportunity to be a pioneer here on the earth plane, another part of you is still operating in the other dimensions that you've come from, is still doing the work that you came to do at other times and still will do at other times. So we say that a portion of you then was sent, a fragment then of the total portion ,of the you that you know of as you, was sent here to the earth plane to occupy a body, mind and ego and personality. So that this small portion is just but a fragment of the greater you that you are beginning to know of-- yourself as such. 

And so we of the angelic realm salute the greater you as well as the minor you-- the major and the minor leagues, so to speak, that this is all important in this great game of baseball, if you will, of batting the ball around and getting it to home plate, so to speak. And so we say that we applaud your efforts at making the pitch to others, so to speak, and to see what kind of ball they return to you. And so now I will throw the ball in your court and if you would like to ask me some questions, I'm happy to answer them at this time.

John: Astoriel.

Astoriel: Yes, indeed, John.

John: I have a question that Arn and I were batting around a couple of weeks ago. And I kind of understand it but I-- we would like a little more clarification. I know that karma has been suspended as we understood it but a lot of people still believe in that particular process. Is one's belief in karma mean that their experiences will manifest the karmatic drama?

Astoriel: To a certain point, yes. What we say when we mean by we suspend karma is that we dispel the use of the law of karma as a valid force operating within mass consciousness such that it creates a way of life, shall we say it, a way or style of being that has permeated you and your history here on the earth plane for thousands or perhaps millions of years. But karma was a way to control, shall we say, the development of mankind such that it would not move too fast or too slow in its efforts to understand how to take responsibility for its thinking, feeling and acting. That is basically what karma is all about is teaching you how to take responsibility. It's as if a parent had been using a very strict and disciplining activity on a child of three or four and then decided to let up around six or seven because it realized the child now had the capability of making better ethical decisions for itself and had a clear understanding of what right and wrong were.

 So that is merely what this is all about when karma has been dispensed with is that we of the spirit realms have decided that humanity as a whole has grown to a point where it no longer needs this affect or rather this rule or mechanism, shall we say it, to stimulate then to take a certain responsibility for their growth. So what we'll say is that for those who still believe in karma, then those are the people who still require a certain disciplining from an external source. That is to say from an external authoritarian source rather than their own inner authority. And so you will see that there are many people now who will manifest this polarity in terms of either taking responsibility and respecting inner authority over those who take responsibility and respect outer authority. And you will see that polarization increase and increase and increase until at which point those who still seek that form of external control will again polarize and shift into another probable earth planet. And so you will see that at some time. There will be this shift again, as we say, for those who want to take control, who want to respect and take responsibility for their own inner authority, they will be moved into their own dimension, shall we say it. It's a rather complicated affair but when it has been said that there's been a dispensation given to karma, it was to give a trigger, shall we say, to those people who already knew that such a thing occurred, to then really release themselves from a past which may have been fraught with karmatic relationships, karmatic conditions and karmatic expectations, especially for those who work as world servers and light workers can be then released from their past if they realize that karma is complete. And that is the main reason why this edict has been given.

John: Thank you. That's a very thorough answer.

Astoriel: So, indeed.

Bill: I'd like to follow up with that and ask what you mentioned about outer authority. Would the religious institutions be considered outer authority-- that promise the rewards of heaven for those who toe the line or the pains of hell for those who don't?

Astoriel: Exactly! It's very much the punitive system is it not? The same sort of system that is inculcated within your educational systems, your schools, in which if you don't "toe the line" you are punished with a poor grade and being held back and being held back from going on to higher education. It's the same sort of thing. It's a reliance on external authority to validate your own inner experience or not. And so we say this is a time in which, in the Age of Aquarius, those who then begin to seek their own inner authority, their own inner god or guru, will begin to reject the demands of an external authoritarian regime that would have them "toe the line" and to conform to their demands, their criteria, their standards which have nothing to do with their own internal reality.

 And so those, like yourselves, who are system busters must understand that you must buck the system, that you must challenge the system, that you must say, "We respect our own inner authority, we respect our own truth for we are god inside as well as outside and we must dance to the beat of our own drum, for it is also god within as well as without". And so this is what you all have been doing in a sense has been thumbing your noses at authority. You have been telling them that they no longer have any purpose in your life.

Bill: You did say "buck" the system?

Astoriel: Buck the system, yes indeed.

Bill: I just wanted to get clarification on that.

Astoriel: You may use any term that you like, Bill.

Bill: Thanks.

Ken: I have a question about a friend. I don't know if it's appropriate, but I'm going to ask you anyway. And it does fall somewhat into the vein of helping others bust the systems. Someone I know has been very sick and I can give you a name and she's spoken with doctors and has not been able to find anything out. And my own intuition says that perhaps this illness has been given to her precisely for this purpose of coming to greater awareness. And I was wondering if maybe-- her name is Kathleen-- she's been having severe abdominal malabsorption. And I was wondering if there was some way you might be able to tune into her as to the source of what the problem is, both on a perhaps learning level and also physical level, that I might be to relate to her .

Astoriel: At this time I'm not geared towards viewing the history of any one particular person, especially if they're not in this room. My orientation is towards the energies of this room at this time and so that is what I can discuss this evening.

Gary: Astoriel.

Astoriel: Yes, indeed, Gary.

Gary: You mentioned something about the light workers - the exact terminology for people that are earthbound  but have been called from another place. Can you elaborate more on where this place is-- past, present, future-- give us more information about what that's about?

Astoriel: Well, for the most part, many of you have bypassed the re-incarnational cycle.  For the most part-- have already been released from it and have moved into other dimensions of activity that do not require cycles of lives that have their base within a physicality or physical dimension so that you are in dimensions that are what we'll call spiritual but have a physical aspect to them but are not guided then by karma or by any other edict or demand  upon the mass consciousness to move through various realms of responsibilities and lessons that have ruled the earth plane and its people for some time.   but you are ruled more by then the whims of your heart and the whims of your fancy and the whims of your mind as it has grown into a state of awareness such that it wants to explore even greater attunement then, greater alignment then to God's will and to God's love. These dimensions then can exist simultaneously as the physical does. It can be in the same frequency range or it can be in other frequency and probability ranges as well.

Yes, is there another question?

Arn: There's a whale that has been hanging around the coast of Philadelphia. I was wondering whether there was anything interesting going on that has to do with the energy shifts. There's two whales that are disoriented. Is there something going on there?

Astoriel: As I've mentioned before at this time with the frequency shifting in a sense, that there are more energies now bombarding the planet than ever before of love frequencies. This will affect not only mankind, humankind, but animalkind as well. And so we would say in part it is a disorientation, in part it is also an exploration on the part of their consciousness to come into closer contact with humans so as to make needed connections then, needed bridges then between humans and, in this case, the cetaceans who are, in a sense, a bridge to other mammalian forms that humankind has not been able to really understand, respect or dignify. So that the cetaceans have come into a place of great respect now amongst mankind and so they can have their opportunity to be a spokesperson or spokes being, shall we say it, then for animal kind on the planet at this time. So as they go through various permutations, transformations, explorations with mankind, so does mankind do the same for itself in regards to animal kind. And so, they can come to an agreement to be more co-operative, to have a more mutually cooperative engagement of activities between them.

Astoriel: Is there another question then?

James: Astoriel.

Astoriel: Go ahead.

James: There is a -- you had mentioned a turning point where there would be transitions from-- for those who choose a path of light and love and for those who choose something other than that path. Is there a general time frame that might give us some information as to what to expect in the future or is this not an important thing to know at this time?

Astoriel: We do not have a sense of the time frame as much as you do. We would sense, however, that it would occur after the twenty-first century has begun. We would say ten or twenty years into the twenty-first century will be an apparent shift. So that many of you may feel very impatient for you have belabored this point for so long, this point about wanting to shift or change and shift the consciousness of yourself and others for so long. But do understand that as you shift in your consciousness, that this shift will be made easier and easier into another realm. And that you are shifting into other realms routinely at night more and more so that you can feel a satisfaction somewhere in being with beings of like mind and like heart and like frequency. So you may find yourselves having more dreams of being with people in other dimensions, of just communicating or walking with or just being in another dimension which feels comfortable or strangely familiar. And so you will be doing this more and more just so as to ameliorate the frustration, the impatience, the boredom-- as we feel many of you are bored by this life experience. It's not as exciting or demanding as other dimensions have been for you.

Yes, is there another question here?

Martin: Astoriel, this is Martin. I wonder if you would elaborate more on the question before where you spoke of many of us present here are not going along the evolutionary track of people who going through cycles of lives on earth and climb higher and higher, so to speak. What is the pattern of our evolution? 

Astoriel: No, as I've said already you have been through re-incarnational cycles, have already experienced many, many lifetimes and have-- many of you have opted to stop the reincarnational framework in order to grow psychologically or spiritually-- and have opted to then just absorb yourself in activities within other dimensions that do not make the same kinds of demands that a physical life does here on the planet earth. And we would say that you, Martin, have already been on other planets and other dimensions that are very different then from the demands of the planet earth. And that it is a struggle for you at times to be here. For it is hard for you to adapt to the conventions of the planet earth. However, you have learned a great deal from your life experience here in terms of what to report back and how to compare and contrast your previous experiences with the one you have now. It is like a term paper that you are writing in a spiritual classroom in that you have your experience during the daytime in your waking state "Consciousness of Martin on the Physical Plane," and then you have your classroom experience at night as Martin, the spiritual being who's had many other experiences on many planes, talking about this particular experience in relation to others, in contrasting and comparing. And your expertise is in contrasting and comparing the differences and similarities then of various dimensional experiences.

Martin: Thank you.

Astoriel: Indeed, indeed. Anybody else now.

Bill: I have a question that's more general about listening to programs on-- about the prophesies about the upcoming earth changes. And specifically, Saint Germain-- and there were some dictations to some people about the changing maps of the United States and a lot of it resting under water. I'd like to know how much of those prophesies-- Someone said this to me that a lot of those prophesies were meant to shock and those beings of light were all that was in flux. May be you could elaborate more upon those kinds of issues.

Astoriel: It is a multi-faceted issue as it involves an understanding that probabilities shift from moment to moment in a personal level and also on a general level. But on a general level, probabilities do not have the same shifting frequency patterns, shall we say it, that are on the personal level. So that a certain range of frequencies or, shall we say, a range of probabilities exists then for general occurrences to occur that are less in amount, shall we say, or less numerous than the probabilities available to you in your every day, moment to moment activities and decisions. So what we'll say is that within the realm of probable course of action that the earth can take at this time, during this process of cleansing or reevaluation, shall we say it, and releasing of energy frequency patterns that would not be of support then to a probability in which the planet then attunes to higher energies of light and love. There is a needed understanding that the physical earth, itself, then needs to create a breaking up of old patterns within its very crust, within its very interior. And so this breaking up of the patterns can manifest then in certain forms that you know of natural phenomena such as earthquakes, such as typhoons and tidal wave activities, such as great storms, such as great floodings, such as great shifts in the continents and in the fault lines in the continent. So what we'll say is that the probabilities for such are high but that the every day probability from minute as to what will happen and where is so vast that we dare not make too much of a projection. For we feel that we can have a sense of it but we cannot have an accurate sense of it nor do we want to for that is not our purpose. 

Our purpose is to have a general view and for you then on the earth plane to have a particular view of these circumstances. But we can say and we feel with a fair assuredness that there will be a great deal of destruction then of the West Coast of the United States. Whether it takes the form of earthquakes, typhoons, tidal waves and the flooding then of the great portions of the land is still up to a certain probability line determined then from a moment to moment basis on the need both of the beings on the planet and the earth itself. So it is really dependent upon the interrelationship then between the inhabitants of the earth and the earth itself. So, for example, if it was then decided that those on the West Coast did not want to have an earthquake, if they began to in earnest to appropriately attune to earth energies, to make sacred ritual and sacred covenants with the earth, to begin to treat all of humanity and all of animal, vegetable and mineral kind with equanimity, with fairness, with generosity and with love, there certainly would be a shift then in the probabilities for a certain amount of destructive activities to occur. So we can say then that these maps, these prophesies, are just then giving certain probability lines shape and force such that it can affect then the consciousness of those who are exposed to such maps to then make a choice. To say I don't really want this to happen. Perhaps I need to do something about this for goodness sakes. Who wants California to sink-- that kind of thing. So you need to say to yourself, well, can I take responsibility, should I take responsibility, am I capable of taking responsibility for this vast effort on our part to change the probability of the earth shift, shall we say, earth change. Can I do that? Am I capable of doing that? And I'm saying that is basically the question you are asking about many areas in your life. Can you take that responsibility? Are you capable of taking responsibility for making a difference. And so we say those are the questions that are being stimulated by your exposure to these maps at this time.

Betty Lou: Astoriel.

Astoriel: Yes, indeed.

Betty Lou: I have a strong impulse to ask this question but no great interest in the answers and I must be asking it for someone else. What about the lizzies?  Is there going to be some final confrontation? What about that probability line and history? It's a pretty apocalyptic view from my perspective.

Astoriel: From what we feel, is that again that is a probability line that is not conducive to the goals of humanity in general such that only a certain limited number of people would experience that reality at any one moment or in any future moment. So that we feel it is a minor prophesy. It is not a major prophesy.

Betty Lou: Good, thank you.

Astoriel: Indeed.

James: Astoriel, can I infer from that last comment that there actually may be different groups of people experiencing different reality in terms of earth changes and shifts in consciousness.

Astoriel: Yes, yes.

James: And that we need to be on the lookout or, at least, keep in mind that different people are seeing different things?

Astoriel: Yes.

James: How are we-- any comments on how we're supposed to look at this.

Astoriel: This is something you need to search your heart for, to be honest with yourself about and to say what kind of endpoint do you want to see it for all of this activity to create. Would you like to see earth changes to occur? Would you rather see a peaceful resolution of these internal changes within the earth and its inhabitants or are you stimulated by the fact that there may be earth changes? Perhaps you're excited by the fact of the earth changes. So, to be honest, you must say, "Well perhaps I would like a little thrill. I am a little bored". And so you may be looking forward to some of the earth changes, to perhaps pitch in-- to step in to help others or not. And so you may want to say what are my values around this question? What are my beliefs? What are my true feelings about this issue? Are you abhorred by the whole situation? Are you bored by the whole situation? Are you happy about this whole situation? 

This is some of the questions then you need to ask yourself. Only such that it will then produce within you and without you a vibration that will again be attractive and attracted to those who have the same vibration and frequency and resonancy about this issue. And, in turn, will have the same reactions to the earth frequencies and energies in the same pattern, the same fashion. So the earth will also react to your energy as well as react to everyone else's energies and intentions and expectations, but it makes its decision then on what it feels is in its own best interest as it relates to the majority opinion-- the consensus view-- as to what is best, what will happen then for all people on the earth plane. So this is a very interesting subject to discuss because no one person can determine the outcome. It is a group outcome. And so the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. And so you need to understand that the outcome is based on a greater force than any one person can manifest. Yet each person must manifest its own beliefs or desires to create that greater force. So think about that for a little bit.

Are there any other questions then... a few more as I feel the channeler is tiring.

Question: Will the groups of people that will be gathering tomorrow to perform ceremonies because of some earth energy changes-- can you talk about that a little?

Astoriel: Yes. These are the people who've searched their souls in a way or have been triggered in their souls to understand that it would be best or the probability that would be best served is that which allows for dimensional leaps in frequency patterns-- shifts in thoughts, shifts in thinking, shifts in ability such that certain opportunities then appear for individuals as well as for the earth itself then to change its frequency pattern within a ritualistic fashion rather than within a chaotic or destructive fashion. And so these individuals are promoting that form or perspective of change and growth on the earth plane. And so, very much like their old time religion in which various activities are celebrated, these people then celebrate what they feel to be dimensional shifts up into other frequencies through ritual, through performance, through praise and prayer. And so this is all what this is about, so to speak. 

And we say even certain levels of angels then are operating within this perspective and are encouraging this perspective because they feel this is the best outcome then for a certain group of individuals on the earth plane who are geared towards this kind of peaceful revolution. So we'll say that we believe then that those light workers who have originated from extraterrestrial sources such as the Pleiadian system specifically, are very much geared towards these kinds of rituals-- and the Orion system. This is not something that everybody needs to explore or become involved in but it is something that can be very appealing then to all who hear about it. For it's almost as if to say for sure things are changing, for sure your vibrations are raising, for sure we're going to celebrate that fact. And so that verifies what you seek to verify, it validates what you're seeking to validate, it certifies what you're seeking to certify within yourself.

John: Astoriel?

Astoriel: Indeed.

John: There's something I just thought about that I've noticed-- I've seen a lot of channeling over the years and it seems to me that a lot of the responses from the entities, say within the last year-- I'm just picking that number, are less-- the answers are not as spelled out as they were previously. Now is that because we are more aware of our power to decide and create or co-create with our guides and other spirits that the information is more along the lines of empowering us rather than saying, yes, this is going to happen and look out for that and you might get this and your bones are hurting because of that. Do you understand what I'm saying?

Astoriel: Yes. We would say that we have geared our answers now to a certain level that we feel that you can handle in terms of taking more responsibility for your own choices and for your own actions and decisions. However, since we also sense there's a great deal of anxiety about taking responsibility, even though you are capable of it, we still want to ameliorate you with our own supplications towards a certain predictability and constancy in the universe which there is at the meta view but at certain other views it seems and can be seen mainly chaotic. So what we're saying is that you need to learn discernment, you need to again brief yourself on what your beliefs are and your values are so that you can always confirm them for yourself that which you want in your life to be that which you believe to be and value to be. And so this is why it has been so stressed to you before that you need to be aware of what your beliefs and values are. For they are the rock bottom foundations then by which you can make decisions and discernment's and choices and activities and behaviors and intentions and desires for yourself in this plane. So we'll say that it is a struggle then for many of you to come to terms, to still validate your inner authority, to still certify and to still respect your inner authority without some form of external prompting or authorization even from the angels. And so we'll say that we'll continue to validate you as long as you feel the need to be validated. And then we will bring you into another realm or level of awareness in which we may not even make even less sense than before.

Bill: Astoriel, the problem is that we are so isolated in certain ways with a mainstream thinking and our culture that it becomes very hard to maintain a balance between one foot in worlds that we don't see and foot in the world that supposedly we live in. So I guess that's where we need validation.

Astoriel: Yes, indeed. But, again, you need to see if that's what you are creating for yourself by the beliefs that you have and also the general attitude that you maintain of waiting it out-- waiting out your time here until you are released. So that you may need to look at your attitude which is to say that you need to be isolated because you do not really like or respect interacting with other human beings as much as you would like to interact with them. So we'll say that it is possible to have both your feet in this world and in another world as you always do anyway. But it's also possible to become comfortable with it. Just as if you balance yourself on two balls or to you balance yourself on two separate floating mechanisms in the water. You can learn how to do that and actually to become good at this and to enjoy this-- to learn how to juggle yourself. To learn how to balance yourself then is your lesson then also in this life to integrate then the energies of the earth plane and of the spirit dimensions, to integrate the energies both of the ego and the higher self, to integrate then the purposes then of your soul family and of your own spiritual vision. These are all then opportunities to learn balance, to be able to adjust then in a graceful and loving fashion from one viewpoint to another, from one demand to another, from one choice to another, and to enjoy making the choices and to enjoy making the decisions and to enjoy the movement back and forth between spirit and human realms. This is your real lesson in this lifetime is to learn how to enjoy then balancing the two worlds together.

???: Well, thank you.

Astoriel: Indeed.

Question: You've spoken quite a bit about mass consciousness. Recently we had some major political changes in this country with a shift to more conservative, Republican interests. You have an analysis then or perspective on what happening with our mass consciousness in that regard?

Astoriel: Again, as I have already mentioned in other lectures that this is an attempt on the part of those forces that are wanting to maintain a certain status quo in terms of conservation of energy for a certain elite few or for a certain exploitive few or for a certain elitist power group or for a certain caste system that would believe still in the fact that the earth is not abundant or rather supportive of all of mankind but that only those few deserve support from the earth or mankind, shall we say it. What we mean to say however then that this is a last dying gasp of a dying civilization. And so they are trying to entrench their forces and trying to maintain their majority and trying to re-entrench their conservatism so as to stem the tide of change that they feel is occurring already within their own and others' consciousness. And so you'll see this is a backlash reaction-- a backlash reaction not to obvious forces but to the subtle forces that we incur then from the angelic and other realms within their own consciousness.

 So as you see the polarization that will occur between the conservative and outmoded forces and the progressive and grass roots forces. You will see then a polarization of the body politic then into a top heavy authoritarian bureaucracy and then a-- shall we say a democratic, consensus-based, community-based organizations that will begin to alleviate in a much more efficient and loving fashion the problems that we have or you have, shall we say, in your society of violence, of poverty, of joblessness, of homelessness, of the fact that our basic needs are not being attended to, our basic human needs-- your basic human needs are not being attended to.

 And so this is what we see here. It is a temporary phase and it is just one that has been given a lot of media coverage. That is all. For there are definitely other movements that are occurring then at various other levels that would counter act or counter force then this conservatism that you see at this time. We say it's important to fight it, it's important to voice your opinion and your outrage and your progressiveness, if you will. It's always important to express a contradictory belief or a counterbalancing belief so as to create an energy for that belief as well. It's important to voice then your opinion. For the voicing of an intention, the giving expression to a thought, validates that thought, energizes that thought and creates a field in which that thought can enter and manifest more completely. So perhaps you may know how important it is to voice your intentions and desires. The vibration of your voice itself then carries within it a certain energy and frequency pattern that allows for  thought itself to make itself manifest in a more structured fashion, in a more entrenched, three dimensional, physicalized form.

Question: Along those lines, do you feel that President Clinton and his administration are worth progressive support?

Astoriel: No. They are a puppet show. They are a shadow play of forces behind them that are operating not for the benefit of the United States of America.

James: Astoriel, I have one last question.

Astoriel: Indeed.

James: You had mentioned that-- I hope I'm not stealing the show here, no way-- you mentioned that we're supposed to voice opinions and give energy and impetus to positive and more constructive beliefs. However, you know, culturally and socially we've been conditioned to-- with our indignation-- to put in a few words of anger and hatred and mistrust and disgust and every thing which don't help the situation at all. Do you have any words of advice as to how to put more energy behind these positive beliefs so that we can really do something constructive with it?

Astoriel: It depends upon what beliefs you're wanting to explore. If it's a positive belief, you may not necessarily require that you become enraged or angry about anything. A positive belief may be just something that you can affirm to be true for yourself now and in the future that is of a positive nature and has nothing to do  with that which already can exists conditionally within the present. In other words, you have to ignore in a sense the present conditions and reaffirm a future condition of which you can attune to. We would say to acknowledge your outrage but not to make a fetish of it, to not make a point of it, to not make an excuse for it and to release it as much as possible, energetically from your body/mind system so as to recounter those forces together into a more positive and constructive thought form. 

For you see, if you play their game, so to speak, with their weaponry, using outrage, using indignation, using anger and insult, using violence-- you will just maintain the vibration of their thought frequency all the more so. You need to just begin to reconstruct the thought frequencies along higher lines by reformulating your thought patterns along more sophisticated lines. And that is how it's done.

James: Thank you.

Astoriel: Of course it helps to come together and to reformulate these thoughts together in groups like this. So I would suggest then that as you get together with individuals of like mind and nature to create affirmations that you can all repeat at the same time together in prayer or meditation so as to manifest a group thought form that will then counter-balance other thought forms that you are outraged against. And so this is how you begin to create a new reality: using the sound of the voice, using affirmations, using manifestation techniques, re-evaluating your thought forms so that they can become reconstructed along more sophisticated lines, becoming honest with yourself as to what you truly want and desire and knowing that which gives you joy and bliss and ecstasy so that you can attune to those future conditions in your own life. To be able to project into the future, to see the future for what you want it to be is also a very important  process so that you can create affirmations to create that vision. So in a sense, you must become futurists. Come together to create a future together and to take this seriously, to take this meaningfully, to take this as the most important role perhaps that you have now and in the future.

So those are my words for this evening and I hope you are inspired by them and hope that this will trigger within all of you needed conversation, communications and connections with each other at this point and in your future. And so I send you my love and I send you my blessings and good evening to all of you.


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