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A Personal Message from the Seraphic Angel Ascordia

"This is Ascordia speaking. For those of you who have not made their acquaintance with me yet, let me say to you 'Welcome!' And welcome to the Ascordia Center! For 1, Ascordia Shamalia, am an angelic being who has been assigned to create upon the earth plane, a center of light for individuals to come to; for solace, for good keeping, for enlightenment  and, as you say, "for good vibrations"!

"I am an angel of a certain kind, of a certain order. For you see, in the world of 'Angeldom', there are levels or orders of angel who devote themselves to service of a certain kind. The Seraphim, then, are an order of Angel commissioned to be of service to human kind, particularly at this time, on the planet Earth. And within this order of Seraphim, there are genera or species of angel who take on a specific and focused activity.

I am called a Supreme Seraphim and it is within my jurisdiction, then, to work largely independently from other angels. We, as you know, more often than not, work in pairs, but I have been granted the most unusual status of working alone and working in tandem, then, with other beings other than angels.

You may be familiar with the great Ascended being Daniel, with whom I am in constant communication and with whom you may have had the pleasure of meeting in other times. Daniel and I form a pair or pairing of beings to allow for the production of the center and for the development of a general community of individuals devoted to spreading the 'light' (as you understand it). It gives me great pleasure, then, to work in this fashion, for it is most unusual and most unique.

We wish to express to you our sincere desire to understand human consciousness in all of its complexity at this time. For we are of the understanding that many of you are now ready, willing and able to transcend the limits of human consciousness to a realm or awareness that is normal to those in the spirit realms but rather abnormal or unusual for those on the material or human realm. We wish, then, to make a bridge, to build a bridge that more directly connects the spirit realm with the human realm, so that humanity as a whole can connect more directly to its divinity and spirituality.

This bridge, then, has been created in many ways before; through the knowledge of great teachers, through the message of great philosophers and through the understandings and experience of priests, gurus and shamans. Now, however, it is time for the population, as a whole, to build bridges that are wholly unique to their present temperament and under standing so that they need not have to understand another's teachings or another's experiences to experience their own connection to the Divine.

We encourage all of you, now, to build your own personal bridges to your spirituality and divinity. And 1, Ascordia, in my fashion, encourage you to do so and to do so in many ways. And one way, then , would be to experience my presence, my love and my sincere desire to encourage you to develop yourself along lines 'divine', along lines 'spiritual', as we understand it."

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