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   The Ascordia Center  

      "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE"      

Lecture By the Seraphic Angel Ascordia

As channeled through Amy Bortner

"My name is Ascordia, as you all know by now, and I am an angel. I am here to welcome you to the center, welcome you to my abode! I dwell in realms that you cannot see, cannot hear, nor feel but know . You know of my reality. You know of my existence. You can feel me, but you cannot see nor touch nor hear me, unless through the expertise of this channeler.

I am glad to be able to communicate myself to you (through Amy) for I feel it is most important now to be able to express myself and my energies to you at this time. For there is a concerted effort, now, for many of you on the earth plane to better understand yourself, to better understand your roles and, ultimately, to make peace with yourself and with this world.

"To make peace" is the topic, for it is one that is quite crucial in the days ahead. The key here is the word 'forgiveness'. In order for you to understand how to make peace with others and with yourself, you need to learn how to forgive others and to forgive yourself. For if you cannot forgive others or yourself, you will never be at peace, you will never have the feeling of what it feels like to be at peace.

In your meditation this evening, you were given the instructions on how to achieve peace of mind and body. What that has done for you was to allow for the conflicts within the body and mind to temporarily secede, to temporarily disappear and to dissipate. And why that happened was because your mind and body forgave each other. You allowed each other to let go of a little guilt, of a little hurt, of a little resentment and frustrations that have built up during the day, during the week and during the month.

Perhaps you have let go of a large amount of "stuff" tonight. That would be wonderful. Perhaps you have let go of a few hours worth of stuff. It is all very wonderful, for you see, you have forgiven yourself. You have given yourself a break, give yourself time to forgive yourself and others. For in that way you will feel at peace with yourself. You will not feel conflicted, you will not feel opposed within, you will not feel pulled apart or polarized. You feel the lack of conflict, which is a kind of peace (that the great Master Daniel has alluded to in many lectures). I am alluding to Daniel,(for those who have not heard these wonderful words)for I feel that you would benefit from knowing that I can allude to other entities as well, for we all work together, hand in had, heart to heart and mind to mind in a concerted effort to create for you a consistent and loving reality.

Why we are all working together at this time is to make your life easier so as to make the little steps that you take simpler so as to make the bigger steps, that you must take later, easier. It is for your benefit, that we do so. Just as a mother and father would make it easier for their baby child, so we make it easier for you to learn your lessons in life and to learn and understand your purposes and your reasons for being "in the flesh" at this time.And what we of the Angelic realm say to you is that it is possible for you to enjoy yourself, it is possible to have joy within the Self. It is possible to create for yourself at every opportunity love and joy and peace, you see. It is possible to be happy.

And this is what we endeavor to show you, and this is what we endeavor to teach you and this is what we endeavor to give to you in the form of our experience and in the form that is tangible, touch-able and feel-able, you see. I may not be as tangible as my love, but this is why I express myself to you in ways that I do, so that you can have a sense of who I am and who I love through this channeler's expression and voice.

It gives me great pleasure to be here with you. For, in giving my love to you, I receive love tenfold. And this is also what I wish to express to you that as you give your love to each other, you will receive it many times over. This is a truth, this is a fact, this is a law of the Universe, if you will. For this is God's will, this is God's way, this is the way of the universe. Thus, to give of yourself, you receive from others more and more and more!

All of you here are created in an image of God, in an image of love. All of you have been created expressly to communicate love, to communicate your God essence. It has been unfortunately an effect of distorted beliefs, judgments and understandings that have created a distortion of love's expression at this date, at this time, in this society for yourselves. For many of you are riddled by doubt, by guilt, by conflicts, by confusion, and by judgments which can act to distort, to distend, to tear apart the initial intentions on your part to express love in its purity, in its pure form.

And what I wish to do for you is to have you experience love in its purest form so that you know what if feels like, so that you know you can express it, that you know you that others can feel and express this love as well. For it is a truth, it is a reality, it exists on its own and on its own terms. And I, Ascordia Shamalia, want to express this to you, to have you understand that you need not distort this love, that once you experience this love, you will want to express it more and more in its purest form, in its God essence.

And as you do this, as I have said before, the more you express this love , the more you will receive this love and the more you receive this love, the more you will be able to love yourself, to forgive yourself and to forgive others. And you shall receive what you need most deeply in your hearts as a sense of peace, a sense of well being, a sense of being at one and attuned with "all that is".

This is that which you aspire to. This is that which everyone aspires to. This is that which everyone longs for in their heart of hearts, is this 'at-one-ness' with God and All That Is through an understanding and expression and experience of love and of peace. This is my mission. This is my service to you, to have you come to an understanding of these two concepts: love and peace within your heart. I can express to you my own sense of love and peace through my own being and through my own energy.

And I wish again to express to you these concepts in an experiential manner. I will proceed to send to all of you a portion of my love and my energy, so that you can take it within your hearts to expand your sense of love and of self-love and of love of God. For as you understand your age, you will understand it as an age where love is the prime consideration, the basic factor, the unifying energy which all things will revolve themselves around and into. Daniel has said this and I say this as well, that love is the primary force in this realm, despite your fears to the contrary, despite the wars, despite what you see as evil around you, Love is the answer."


Q. I would like to talk about the concept of surrender and what are your suggestions, if you have any?

A. That is a very good question to consider. The concept of surrender. The word surrender connotes many images in your mind, as I see it. Mainly military images, that come across immediately. For the word 'surrender' means, in this case, to surrender one's territory, to surrender one's possessions, to give something up to someone else in a forfeiture of one's rights and privileges. This is a common conception of surrender. However, this is not the divine conception of surrender, but a human conception of surrender. The divine conception of surrender is one in which one actually allows greater and greater amounts of divinity or self-love or God essence to enter into and permeate one's awareness, one's consciousness and one's being. Surrender is another word for allowing - to allow, to let something in, rather than to give something up, to let something in. Thus we say 'to surrender, in a divine sense, is to release and let go of one's limits, one's limitations and one's boundaries to understanding God, to appreciating His love and to experiencing His divinity. Do you understand?

Q. Yes, thank you.

A. You're most welcome. I hope you understand what I have just told you, for this is a very important difference. For the concept of surrender, that we express to you, of allowing, is one that is perhaps a more feminine conception of the idea of 'surrender'. That women in your society understand surrender in its purer sense, as allowing, as releasing boundaries and as releasing limits. That men see surrender as giving up something to another, whereas women see surrendering as allowing something to come in. And here is the crux of what may seem a crucial difference between men and women. That the difference between men and women often comes down to a difference in (understanding ideas and) terminology. This is something you may want to consider for yourself on a personal level as a very crucial consideration at this time. I bring these ideas up now for they are most relevant to those of you in this room. As we sense what you are thinking and feeling about, we can ,then, sense what we can tell you to make yourselves feel more knowledgeable about yourselves and therefore more sure about who you are, and more sure-footed in your path towards self enlightenment.

Q. I'd like to know where you are when you are not 'here'...where are you?

A. We are here in the same way that you are here. We are, how shall I put this?...give me a moment to put some thoughts together. Now, you understand yourself to be someone who inhabits a body and this body is located in space and time. And this body can travel through space and through time. So that, for example, you are presently here and not back in (New Jersey). However, in a few hours, you will travel through space and time and will be back in (New Jersey) and not here, yet you are still the 'who' that you are regardless of whether you are here in what you call (Pennsylvania) or there in (New Jersey. What keeps you focused in an ever-present now as who you are is your psychological focus on the Self, so that you are always you regardless of where you are.

And you could be somewhere else and still be you and not someone else. If you projected a thought out into space, you would be projecting a portion of yourself out into space and time. If, in meditation, you see yourself astrally projecting, you are sending a portion of yourself out into space within the same time continuum. If you were back in (New Jersey) and then astrally projected back into (Pennsylvania), you would be moving through space with the same time frequency. However, if you had a memory of yourself back in Pennsylvania as projected back through your memory, you would have moved through space and a different time frequency.

Now, imagine that I am you (Susan) and that I can also be myself in many places, that I am still myself regardless of where I am.. However, where I am is outside of the focus of space and time. However, I can project a portion of myself into your space and time, just like you can project a portion of yourself through memory, through astral projection, through various different trance states to other spaces and other times. And that is what I am doing at this time. Now, not only am I projecting a portion of myself, but this portion is being picked up by this channeler, this thought frequency and energy is being transduced and transformed into expressions and words and sounds that could be understood to you in this present locale. Do you understand what I am saying?

Q. I want a better understanding as to how entities such as yourself and others are able to access information and answer personal question. Do you get the information from our guides or from us or what?

A. It can happen in all of the ways that you have expressed. However, a Seraphim of the celestial order does not need any of those techniques, you see. For, you see, everything that is created is encoded with information and it is merely a question of learning how to decode the information that is coming through the constructs of an entity's form, of an entity's psychological focus, of an entity's space/time continuum or root assumptions in a certain reality system. As a Seraphim, I have been trained to decode information in many ways but primarily through the sound of the voice is the way that I receive the information and use this information, at this time.

Q. So, in asking a question, the answer is there in the voice?

A. Yes.

Q. You speak about the possibility of one person existing on more than one plane at a time.
Could you comment about this?

A. Of course. You all are in more than one place of existence at one time (though it may be difficult for you to feel this or know this to be true.) And that is one reason why we of the angelic realm are expressing to you our energies and our love for not only does our love instill within you the experience of joy and of bliss or peace but can allow you to also become aware of your multi-dimensionality. Let's just say, as the Master Daniel would say, that you are multi-dimensional creatures who inhabit many planes of reality, but who choose to focus in one specific realm at a time an that you are focused on the physical, three dimensional realm at this time.

Q. Thank you.


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