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Article by Bill Tomaszewski  Founder of the New Hope Metaphysical Society


      The New Hope Channelers Support Group in Pennsylvania was founded in 1990. Over the years it has evolved and its visionary leaders have expanded the range of programs, changed the Group’s name and relocated the meeting site. The Group is now called The New Hope Metaphysical Society and has its own website.

     My story is about how the idea to start a support group for people who channel originated and how it grew into what it has become today. It wasn’t my idea but the concept was channeled to me…I just followed through on the spiritual guidance. t was in early August of 1990 when I walked up a flight of stairs to the apartment of the trance channel (Kelly Sheehy) in Lambertville, New Jersey. I had made an appointment to talk with the angel, Raphael, the entity she channeled.

      That was the summer, if you recall that the Hollywood film “Ghost” was pulling audiences into movie theatres. As I was making my way up the stairs, my thoughts wandered to previous channeled readings I had received from other trance channels. During those readings I was given the unexpected advice to take a training called Reiki, and to have it taught by a particular person named Beth Grey from California. Study “A Course in Miracles” (This channeled information has been one of the resources I have used as guidance in this challenging world.) Read Ruth Montgomery’s book, Strangers among Us. I followed all of these suggestions and they have been life changing for me.

      I knew why I had come to see Kelly and to hear from Raphael. I wanted this channeled angel to give me insight regarding the idea of trance channelers becoming more accepted to mainstream society and to themselves. However, it is what you don’t expect to hear that can change your life.  During that private reading, Raphael suggested, “There should be a group, a gathering of people who channel to share ideas and experiences to come together simply to discuss this phenomenon that has happened to all of them. They will learn that this is very important and that they should be doing this work and they will talk to others in the same positions and it will clarify to them that they are not losing their mind. They will have the good feeling that they are not alone.” For me, personally, visiting trance channels and conversing with the non-physical entities had been very helpful. Unanticipated events and troublesome situations, I believed, were controlling my life.

      After a successful career in the army, I left with an honorable discharge and was ready to conquer the world. I was married with three young boys and a life full of adventure ahead but the adventures became nightmares when separation and divorce almost drained the life out of me. I had strayed off my path and found myself mired in the backwaters of life. Whenever I would go one-on-one with these channeled entities, whom I believe have a higher perspective of our own inner wisdom, I pictured myself walking up to one of the universe’s information booths to ask for directions out of the forest of my confusion. A trance channel, for me, became a welcome guidepost pointing the way out of the woods. I would jokingly comment that the conversations I had with the spirits were very inexpensive psychotherapy sessions.

      After Kelly Sheehy came out of trance, I told her of Raphael’s proposal to start a support group for channelers. Linda Kalin, one of the attendees, knew how to type and made simple notices which I placed on the notice boards of health food stores, New Age bookstores and even dropped a few off at area newspaper offices.   People began coming out of their spiritual closets to attend the meetings. Men and women from all walks of life who were either practicing channeling quietly among their receptive friends or people who were just interested in channeling were filling the meeting room.

      The number of people who attended fluctuated from ten to more than fifty. The format for the meetings was informal and for the most part unstructured. It was conducted in a non-critical atmosphere with attendees encouraged to speak about their personal experiences and to share their thoughts. We didn’t push what we individually believed down each others throats; we simply shared what we individually discovered. For me, this was an important guideline for the Group.

     New people were always attending and they were concerned about how much they would want to reveal about themselves. They may have learned to shut themselves off from the world because of unpleasant experiences as children. I had read an article in Fate Magazine entitled “Voices from Other Worlds” written by Craig Lee. Mr. Lee quotes a Margo Chandley who was working for four years on a doctorate thesis in ‘transformational psychology’ at the International College in Westwood, California. She studied fifty channelers and worked closely with 15. “Not coincidentally,” Chanley says, “many channelers have parents who were disbelieving of their initial experiences. Many have abusive parents and the experience becomes repressed. As the years go by, the channelers are further conditioned by peers in a suppressive way, by the church (many channels come from Catholic backgrounds) and by social pressure.”

      I certainly didn’t look like or act as an authority on channeling. People could relax and not feel intimidated at the meetings. I would wear my Hawaiian shirts in an attempt to keep the energy of the meetings light and became known for my sense of humor. Laughter is a form of healing.     I invited people whose business cards I had seen on the bulletin boards in New Age bookshops and health food stores in nearby neighborhoods of New Hope and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I asked these guest channelers to speak about their unusual ability, to give the Group background information about their personal life, and I gave them the opportunity to demonstrate their specialty in front of a supportive audience. Sometimes even running out of chairs, the Group attracted many people to the meetings to hear several speaker/channels who combined their channeling aptitude with unique abilities to entertain, inform or heal. Lenny Ralls, for instance, would channel celebrities who had made their transition.

  Our advisory board members  



                        Bill Tomaszewski, Founder            Amy Bortner-Gialuco, Director              John Gialuco, Co-Director 

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            Gary Schoenberg, advisory                                        Loretta Vasso, advisory


  Channeled explanations for channeling  

      Amaya, the former Robin Velez would bring along “Isaiah and the Group,” who would call on people in the audience for some hands-on spiritual healing. Through Amaya I received this explanation of the channeling process:

      “Let us talk first on the physical phenomena known as energy exchange and/or channeling. Both the physical and spiritual preparation occurs within the intended trance channel’s body. The consciousness of that spark of energy, known as the soul, waiting to incarnate into the mother-to-be’s womb, chooses to enter either before or after birth. As the child grows, depending on the soul’s purpose, different functions of the body are manifested or firmed up.

      A prominent change takes place in the pituitary-thyroid gland system. As the child grows into puberty, the glands that stimulate sexual activity are also stimulated deeply for the energies of paranormal abilities. These glands enlarge somewhat and spew out a chemical that forms a film like a mucous membrane that protects these glands.

      Channeling is initiated when the intuitive person learns to enter a self-induced trance. The heavier and slower vibrations of the channel’s own energy are exchanged with the finer and higher vibrating energies which are soul material just like you. These energies have thought, intelligence, intellect and are a part of what we know as the God Force. Prior to touching down and merging into the channel’s body, the energies slow down the rate of speed of their vibrations so their thought patterns can be interpreted and spoken verbally in the channel’s accustomed language.”

      At one of the monthly meetings, I asked the Seraphic Angel, Ascordia, who communicates through Amy Bortner, to speak about the functional role for channelers. The reply was, “There were many ways a channeler can be effective in society. A practical use of channelers would be in the aiding of families of a loved one who is in a coma. Those who cannot speak their piece any longer, who are mired in the confines of a coma so that they cannot express their desires; those who are in great distress, psychological or physical -channelers can be used to contact either telepathically or another fashion, so as to ascertain the true desire as to whether they want to maintain their life or not.”

 Ascordia added, “It may be helpful, for instance, to have channelers at the bedside of comatose patients who have been on life support machines for long periods of time, who may not be able to express their needs and would like to express them so as to stop the unnecessary support of their physical body when they no longer need them. Plus, for those who are dying, who are in hospices, who are in old age homes who may have experienced this during the death/transition process but may wish to express through their mouth but do not have any words for it or cannot speak their piece. So channelers can be there to express to the family the process of their death/transition which oftentimes is very beautiful, very loving and very peaceful but cannot be expressed in the physical plane adequately at this time and so the channelers can be mouthpieces for their consciousness.”

      Articles about our group were published in a Doylestown, PA newspaper, The Intelligencer; in The Philadelphia Inquirer; and the Wall Street Journal in 1992.  The New Hope Channelers Support Group then became quite a hot item in the media and members were invited on local radio and television programs. I returned home after an appearance on a Philadelphia morning television show to find my telephone answering machine had recorded more messages that it had ever received before. People wanted to talk about their personal experiences. People wanted to share with me the difficult times they had had dealing with loved ones who didn’t understand anything about metaphysics.

      It seemed that there were many people out in TV and radio land who related to the group I had created, who just wanted to open up and talk to someone who was willing to listen without any judgment or criticism. This was just in a small area of the East Coast of the USA. I wondered how many more people with unusual abilities were out there with no support.  It has been a long time since I had that date with an angel but the New Hope Metaphysical Society continues to meet on the fourth Wednesday of the month at Pebble Hill Church in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Little did I know back in the summer of 1990 that a heavenly idea would become a "down to earth" reality for over eighteen years.

      What am I up to now? Well, I met my soul mate and moved to England to be with her. Healing work occupies most of my time. We have just become involved in a distant healing project of a Ph.D. candidate with a University in the United Kingdom. We also get together with a group of friends to discuss metaphysics on a regular basis


 Amaya - http://www.amayacenter.com/

Amy Bortner -Gialuco - http://www.ascordia.com/

Kelly Sheehy - http://www.citypaper.net/articles/2006-07-27/fineprint.shtml

Contact: Bill Tomaszewski    billski@talktalk.net

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