My Past Experience, Vision and Purpose

"As a "lightworker" and founder of the Ascordia Center, I was available to assist individuals in "all things spiritual" by providing healing and counseling services and by providing metaphysical programs to enhance their well being and to fulfill their personal growth.

Channeler and Medium

" I have been a trance medium and channeler for over twenty five years. As a professional channeler, I  have been a messenger for the spiritual hierarchy, channeling information, energy and a unique point of view from various spiritual dimensions including the Angelic dimension, E.T. worlds, the Ascended Master level, light worlds and even well known human personalities from the Earth plane.   I have given many, many lectures in this capacity offering the world view of several spiritual beings from these dimensions including "Daniel", an ascended master and teacher of "Meta-Psychology", "Landau", a Master Healing Guide and student of Daniel, "Ascordia" and "Astoriel", Seraphic angels in charge of the Ascension plan for the United States, and "The Sleep-Walkers", whole light beings who participated in creating the Earth's structure and blueprint. I have also channeled dialogues and lectures from many human personalities who were primarily known for their work in the 1960's and 70's as well as a few personalities from the Earth's 'past'. All of these lectures have been taped and some have been transferred onto CDs.  These lectures  are available to the public.

Spiritual Reader

"I have been a professional psychic and reader for over fifteen years. As a professional reader, I was able to access information from the higher spiritual realms to offer a "cosmic second opinion" for those in need of advice and counseling.  Working with a guide team, I would be able to offer information from the soul level such that a client would receive information taken from his soul "records" i.e. the soul blueprint or matrix, the akashic records and the various energy fields around the physical body.  This information would be "timeless" in that it would be true for this person  in any lifetime or would apply to any situation the person found him or herself to be in.  Personality (soul) traits, soul lessons, unique qualities, universal desires, lifetime challenges, point of origin of the soul, all of this information would be offered during a reading.  My guides would also offer probable outcomes to present situations as well as outright predictions of situations if the probabilities and soul tendencies indicated such.  

Healer - Massage Therapist and Energy Worker / Spiritual Counselor

"I have been a professional massage therapist for over twenty years,  a Reiki and "guided" energy healer for over seventeen years and a spiritual counselor for over sixteen years.  As a healer, my approach was one of addressing the needs of the body, mind and spirit together, in an integrated and balanced fashion, from the soul's perspective and of attuning the human ego-personality to more soul based needs and desires, talents and abilities. This approach to healing offered an individual the unique opportunity to experience more connection to their truer "self", a stronger bond to their own soul and soul energy  which, in turn, guaranteed more harmony in their mind and body, more peace and joy in their daily life and more meaning and depth in their relationships. This particular approach  to healing was gained and developed from years of personal experience in channeling spiritual wisdom from the spiritual hierarchy and from education and study in heath and wellness, energy anatomy, spiritual  healing, psychology, counseling and metaphysics."


"I have been a teacher for over twenty five years. As a teacher of metaphysics, my educational goals were to educate the individual to the universal principles of love, harmony and joy and to the spiritual laws of karma, polarity, reflection and manifestation and to inform them of such spiritual realities as the multi-dimensional universe, simultaneous time, probability, dynamic energy fields and matrixes, re-incarnation and the spiritual hierarchy (including angels, ascended masters, soul families, guides).

It is my present understanding that all metaphysical information can be better understood and accessed when there is a deeper connection to one's Higher Self and ultimately to one's soul and soul family. So my educational goals have ultimately become one of educating (and attuning) an individual to his or her Higher Self and its consequent awarenesses, connecting him or her to their spiritual family and their consequent guidance and reminding him or her of their original soul purpose (in reincarnating here) and reconnecting him or her to their deep soul urges, needs and desires, which in turn, creates more peace, love and joy in their life and in their relationships."

My Vision and Purpose
2000 to the Present  

Urban shaman

"My personal philosophy has been influenced by my deep love of nature and all things natural. I have always sought refuge in nature and have had my most profound and meaningful experiences within nature. My soul's needs are deeply met when I connect to nature and to Mother Earth. Since the year 2000, my soul has urged me to live more and more by natural law and to be in harmony with the forces of nature. So, I wanted to honor the needs of my soul and to consequently  experience more peace, love and joy in my life by doing so.  In this case, that meant to personally connect more to the spiritual beings in nature, to more deeply appreciate and understand all natural life forms in Nature, and to understand and master the dynamics of the natural forces here on earth. So, I began to personally study the laws and ways of nature, reading about plants, animals and gemstones, the devic forces and nature spirits and studying the philosophy of Findhorn and the Perelandra Center for Co-Creative Science. I  began to study earth energetics, geomancy, Feng Shui and dowsing. As I have always admired  the Native American people who knew instinctively how to live in harmony with the various forces of nature and to be in harmony with "Mother Earth", I began to study Native American culture and (shamanic) practices as well so as to "walk in balance" on this lovely planet.

Since 2002,  I have stepped into the role of "urban shaman". My new(er)goals, now, are to take care of the earth, to respect the natural ways of the earth and its energetics and to heal the earth of toxicity created through humanity's ignorance and disconnection to their sacred source.  I have felt this call to heal the earth for some time. I believe it is a call from my soul to do this work as well. So, I am now an earth shaman,  Feng Shui consultant and geomantic consultant who specializes in discovering and healing the earth's ancient power spots and sacred energy sites.

Teacher of Metaphysics and Earth Healing

 As  a teacher of Earth healing, I lead discussions about understanding the "shamans's way" i.e. connecting to the "spirit of the land", understanding ancient ways for healing and energizing the land and its inhabitants, communicating with all beings on the land, in the water and in the sky, learning the rituals i.e. meditations and sacred ceremonies for honoring Mother Earth, protecting our environment through positive social change and working with the energies of sacred sites and power spots.