NHMS Speaker's Bureau

The Speaker's Bureau page offers you a list of speakers from past meetings of the New Hope Metaphysical Society. These speakers are either channelers, psychics, healers or metaphysical teachers who live and work in the greater Delaware Valley and are available to speak to you and your organization.

  Amy Bortner-Gialuco, B.A., C.M.T., R.M., has always felt herself to be from another world or dimension. She developed her psychic gifts early in life becoming a conscious channel and trance medium for spiritual teachers and healing masters by age twenty six.  Since 1979, she has been in communication with the higher spiritual realms, including the realms of Ascended Masters, E.T's and healing guides. Since 1986, she has made contact with the Angelic realm and has been channeling inspirational messages and healing energies from the Seraphic Angels ever since. She considers herself a spiritual messenger and has been a "voice for spirit" for two decades. She offers her considerable gifts  to the general public as a psychic consultant, spiritual counselor and  metaphysical teacher. She is available to serve you in person, by phone or e-mail and offers private training in channeling, meditation and dream interpretation.  Contact her at:   215.242.0185

Aurora Gabriel Aurora Gabriel is an extraordinary intuitive.  Whether giving an individual reading or channeling for a group, she demonstrates much multidimensionality in conveying both practical and esoteric guidance and information from personal guides and teachers from many lineages and lifetimes, crystal and elemental energies, planetary and galactic intelligences, ascended masters, archangels, divine mothers, and beings of light.  And, just as important, Aurora Gabriel is a true friend in Spirit, offering her service with great gentleness and a warm, open heart in true service to humanity. 

 Becky Cohen received her first 'BodyTalk' session (a healing system developed by John Veltheim) she was so intrigued with utilizing muscle testing to

 understand subconscious patterns that she immediately jumped into being a student of BodyTalk. Over the next two years she studied BodyTalk, becoming an Advanced practitioner and a PaRama practitioner. She also studied Reiki and Healing Touch. 

    Helen Adams is an Integrated Energy Therapy master and Traditional Usui Reiki  master, writer, motivational/ inspirational speaker grief consultant and a facilitator of Mind, Body and Spirit related workshops and seminars. A member of The Writers Room of Bucks County and the International Women Writers Group, she is active in community affairs and has been the recipient of numerous awards, including The Legion of Honor from The Chapel of the Four Chaplains. Helen now lives on sacred ground on an east-facing ridge in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Helen has written a number of business articles and previously authored Meetings, Conventions, and Incentive Travel: 4349 Ideas and Money Saving Tips and The Book of Meeting Checklists.

Lino Alelyunashas an extraordinary background. She was born into a family of psychics; A famous grandmother who had visions and healed one of Lino's paralyzed cousins, a mother who became a Zen student in 1965 and used the I Ching for consultations about the family and a sister who is a practicing medical intuitive and healer.  Lino learned to read tarot cards when she was 10 and soon moved beyond them, receiving images and visions regarding people's destinies. She also started meditating and becoming interested in the world's religions at age 12. At age 17, she had a Divine Mystical experience where she felt the oneness of all things and spontaneously opened her third eye. She began to see auras and hear the voices of angels. At Age 18 she began a spiritual search which led her all over the world and led her to study with the most profound spiritual teachers of our time. She became a professional psychic at age 21 in 1981 at the urging of a psychic mentor. Since then, she has practiced in many countries throughout the world.  She is now a renowned clairvoyant, minister, registered counselor, international lecturer, reiki grand master, and shamanic healer. She has been interviewed on radio and t.v. numerous times and had her own radio show in Perth, Australia. The founder of Divine Light Ministries, she offered certification in medical intuitive studies, channeling, Reiki and numerous other programs in Seattle Washington and presently in Bryn Mawr, Pa.

  Sandy Brossman is a spiritual counselor, mentor, author, holistic practitioner, and business consultant. After owning her own business consulting firm for 25 years, she became certified in holistic health at Rosemont College. She has taught and practiced holistic health and other natural healing modalities for over 10 years. Sandy has done radio show interviews on this topic and workshops across the country. She integrates her extraordinary experiences as a healer with pragmatic business consulting in assisting people to maximize their potential. She is the author of the book "The Power of Oneness, Living the Life you Choose".  

Leroy Bull is an author and past President of The American Society of Dowsers, from Bucks County Pennsylvania, He has been dowsing for over fifty-one years. Leroy has a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Husbandry and a Master of Science degree in Food Technology. Leroy has been featured in the New York Times newspaper and in Smithsonian Magazine, as well as in local newspapers. He is a past keynote speaker at the British Society of Dowsers. At present he has been to Japan ten times as part of a team of four psychics helping to find 25+ year-old time capsules and aiding the authorities to find people. This has become a Japanese television two-hour feature show aired Saturday evenings in Japan (channel 4) during prime time. The show is entitled "The Psychic Investigator". Leroy has successfully dowsed at least fifteen hundred water wells. Other dowsing jobs include approximately two-thousand earth energies projects, thousands of map dowsing and teachings, vein diversions, mineral dowsing, lost people/pets/items and assorted specialty requests. Leroy has been channeling for over twenty-five years.

Christi Calvano embodies what it means to be empowered divinity in action. Her talent comes directly from her clear channel to the Divine. While some might call her a healer, she refers to herself as an Awakener because she awakens the Divine Spark within. By bringing to light what’s hidden in the shadows, each person can embrace his/her magnificence. Her guided vision and inherent empathic ability allow Christi to see energetic holding patterns that are invisible to others. As led by Spirit, she releases the stagnant energy, creating momentous change for individuals. The moment false beliefs or holding patterns are cleared away, unlimited thinking can emerge. Christi offers Private Sessions, Spirit Gatherings, Light Worker Seminars, and Guided Meditation CDs to awaken the Divine Spark within and to free oneself of limiting beliefs.  With Spirit in charge, surprises, magic, and miracles abound. If Christi can be of service to you, it would be her deepest honor and privilege. May you always be blessed with overflowing love and infinite blessings.

Joan Campbell is a Spiritual Intuitive, certified Master Alignment Practitioner (Body Mind Alignment through DNA Transformation), Reiki Master/Teacher, Ordained Minister and certified Hypnotist. She consciously walks her path and is committed to assisting others, through personal empowerment tools, to reach their highest potential.  Joans original workshops: Synergetic Energy Connection levels One, Two, Three & Four, Living Rainbow, Seven Baby Steps to Healing the Inner Child, Journey Back in Time with Jesus, Walking through the Chaos and Confusion, Mother Mary, Mother Martyr.  Her Books include: The Synergistic Energy Connection, Journey Back in Time with Jesus, The Golden Seed - The Rainbow Swirl.

The Channel Panel consists of three or four individuals who allow for one or several entities to come through to offer their world view and perspective on a variety of topics. The format of the 'panel' consists of a 'round table' discussion between the entities on a chosen topic as well as a question and answer period which gives the audience an opportunity to ask their questions directly to the panel. During the discussion period, the entities will often anticipate the collective thoughts of the audience and will address those interests as well. Some of the spirit entities who come through the Panel are Angels from the Celestial Realm,   Ascended Masters, Alien Consciousness, Space Brothers, Elementals from the Devic Realm and a variety of discarnate personalities from the earth plane. The topics discussed by the 'panel' are, generally, World Peace, Global Economics, The Future and our Environment, Conflict Resolution, Health and Healing, Principles of Love and Spiritual Development. These subjects are explored from a metaphysical as well as psychological and intellectual perspective

     Jean Westbrook Leavitt, holds a Masters Degree in Creative Writing.  Certified as a hypnotist, she is also a clairvoyant medium, offering channeled readings for over 17 years and has studied metaphysics for over 30 years. A Mari El healer, Jean brings a joyful, sensitive, spiritual energy to all her work. Former college teacher and published poet, Jean offers seminars, individual and group sessions. Founder of Circle of  Water Light, center for spiritual connection in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, Jean has been interviewed on radio, television and in newspaper articles. She travels locally and nationwide offering seminars, lectures and individual session

Reverend Gary Culp was the coordinating minister at Pebble Hill Interfaith Church for seventeen years.  He attended Drew Theological Seminary, The University of Edinburgh Theological Seminary in Scotland, as well as Princeton Theological Seminary where he completed a Master's Degree in Theology. Rev. Culp also taught public school for many years while focusing on alternative education.  He served as pastor in several United Methodist Churches until his ministry began at Pebble Hill Church. Reverend Culp has been teaching about the common thread of spiritual truth that weaves itself through all the world's religions and used this information to guide Pebble into its present day role as an Interfaith Celebration Community. 


Judy Dingler, Diane Bivens, Roseanne Stittle -

 George P. Hansen was professionally employed in parapsychology laboratories for eight yearsthree at the Rhine Research Center in Durham, Nort

 Carolina, and five at Psychophysical Research Laboratories in Princeton, New Jersey.  His experiments included remote viewing, card guessing, ganzfeld, electronic random number generators, sance phenomena, and ghosts.  He has been active in a number of psychic, UFO, and New Age organizations, and he helped found a skeptics group. His papers in scientific journals cover mathematical statistics, fraud and deception, the skeptics movement, conjurors in parapsychology, and exposes of hoaxes. He is a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. George's book, The Trickster and the Paranormal, is a look at how The Trickster always seems to  be conjured whenever people become involved in the paranormal to any degree,  particularly when they try to bring about paranormal happenings, i.e. working magic - conjuring, invoking, manifesting, channeling spirit etc.

   Patricia Humphrey facilitates an individualized experience, not only a conversation. She is the conduit for creating re-unions with your angels, guides and, loved ones bridging the gaps and releasing the obstacles. This allows you the freedom to fully experience and know your complete, true and fulfilled Self. She always "works" or as Pat likes to say, "plays" at the level of cause, not symptom. Pat automatically incorporates a wide variety of energetic methods, including instant Shamanism and Chinese Energetic Medicine individualized for you, to quicken the lasting release of physical and emotional pain, anxieties, and confusions. Her goal is to help you rapidly clear whatever might be in your way in order that you may move on to peaceful living and true thriving, without a continued need for services from her. In addition to her "play" with adults, Patricia is also especially gifted with reading and clearing children of issues effecting their happiness, performance, and peer and adult communication in their current and past lives. She, also enjoys being an animal communicator and healing facilitator, empath, psychic, telepath.

Margaret Clare Jacobs gifts for self-empowerment and personal healing include channeling, angelic guidance, toning, and therapeutic healing touch and/or laying on of hands. Margaret is a trained RN with 30 years of experience who does holistic healing. Her background in metaphysic is extensive having taken and worked with notable people and courses. She believes that each individual has their own healing abilities and she acts as a bridge to help them help themselves by use of their inner power. She assists people by laying on of hands to conduct energy, toning, and to channel information to them. Her ability to create "tonals" and speak in ancient languages during her healing technique is truly amazing and must be experienced.

 Faith Linda Weisman  is a  healing facilitator, metaphysical counselor and teacher from New York who specializes in ancient wisdom teachings and divination traditions. She studied at Brandeis University and trained under Abraham Maslow and other pioneers in Humanistic Psychology there. Her studies continued a Harvard and then New York University where she received an advanced certificate in film making. She completed additional academic studies at The Sorbonne, L'Ecole du Louvre,  and The University of Mexico. She speaks French fluently She sees herself as a 'spiritual midwife.'  She draws upon years of experience from the ancient wisdom traditions of world mythology, Jewish mystical traditions  and Buddhist study. Her training in Reiki healing goes back to 1983, and her yoga and Zen practice dates  from the 1970's. She has a metaphysical healing practice in which she counsels others through the use of the  the I-Ching , astrology and the most ancient form of the Cabbala, known as The Cabbala of Light, transmitted from Dr Gerald Epstein from Colette Abouker-Muskat of Jerusalem.  She also employs  Jungian dream work with archetypal psychology in her counseling/healing sessions. She has taught classes in the I Ching at the C. G. Jung Center in NYC  and has taught astrology at The New York Theosophical Society. She also teaches meditation, Qi Gong and yoga. She is a writer for ARAS, part of the C.G. Jung Center of NYC  and is a professional storyteller and lecturer.

Dr. Judith Long  Dr. Judith Long has a Bachelors Degree is Special Education, Masters Level Psychology and a Doctoral Degree in Metaphysical Science. She is a licensed counselor in the field of Metaphysical Psychology of Consciousness., Meditation and Inner Child.  Judith is also  a member of the International Metaphysical Ministry  and is licensed to perform non-denominational weddings, baptisms and funerals. Judith is a citizen of both the United States and Australia and she spends equal time traveling throughout each country lecturing, giving workshops, and individual counseling sessions. She is the founder of the Institute of Metaphysical Science and the “House of Peace, Inc.” (a not for profit teaching organization in Australia) and Aureiah Productions in the United States, a company that produces metaphysical tools for transformation. Through her workshops, lectures, teaching and counseling, Judith is considered an expert in the field of Expanding Human Consciousness. Aureiah Productions.

  Kathy Milano, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist, Angel Therapy Practitioner® and gifted translator of Divine Wisdom who helps you remember you inner perfection through Angel Healing Sessions, Psychotherapy and Angel Workshops.  Kathy discovered her natural intuitive abilities along her personal spiritual journey and was guided to work with the Angelic realm. Certified by Doreen Virtue as an Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Kathy now offers channeled Angel Healing Sessions and teaches workshops to help others deepen their unique angelic partnership.

  Patrick Marcatillio had his first UFO sighting 1963 and has been a UFO buff ever since. Pat hosts the New Jersey / Pennsylvania / Hamilton UFO Study Group which has been running continuously for 18,000 years. Actually, the name of the group is longer than some of the meetings. To make up for that though, we usually meet at the Golden Dawn restaurant in Hamilton before and after the monthly meetings. On a serious note, Pat seems to have a lot of staying power in this field. Long after others quit or burn out Pat just keeps going and going, like the Energizer Bunny. Actually, there are lots of batteries around his house to power all those alien gadgets so maybe he really IS the Energizer Bunny in disguise? Aliens can be shape shifters, ya know. Pat has been holding regular meetings on the subject for over 18 years, and, since 1992, he has been hosting conferences twice a year consistently. He travels to major UFO conferences around the world and his contacts in the field are extensive.

   From a very early age, Laurie Moore realized that she was different from other people. She vividly remembers when she was four years old repeatedly "seeing" a man in the hallway of her house. Of course, no one else did. Laurie had an uncanny knack for knowing things that were to happen before they did especially when it had to do with death. Laurie also has the intuition to "read people". "I can see right through a person. People show you who they want you to believe they are. But I see them for who they really are. This ability has helped me so much in my personal life and with my professional career." It wasn't until Laurie moved to the Lehigh Valley that she met people with the same abilities who validated her gifts. From this point she studied what it meant to be clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient and the responsibility that went with these gifts: Medium, Intuitive, Reiki Practitioner, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Psychic.

Scott A. Ogburn, M. Arch. - Scott is an adjunct professor of Architecture and Landscape Architecture who has taught at Philadelphia University and Temple University for over sixteen years. His research interests include archaeoastronomy (the influence of astronomy on sacred architecture), sacred geometry,  sustainable architecture and lighting.  He has  recently designed and built five sacred stone circles (with astronomical alignments) in Pa. and NJ.  and has designed a master plan for a "Peace Garden" and a bio-dynamic garden at the Greenshire Arts Consortium in Quakertown, Pa. His most recent publication is "The Transcendent Temporality of Sacred Stone Circles" published in "In-Form"  for the College of Architecture at the University of Nebraska, April 2009. Professor Ogburn has worked as an architectural designer for the firms Venturi, Scott & Brown, Mitchell Giurgola Architects and Space Design in Phila., Pa and was an artist-in-residence at the Seaside Institute in Seaside, Florida.

   Virginia O'hara  is a teacher, life path coach, facilitator, channel, author and mentor. Virginia has studied and presented in 25 countries and brings fun and laughter into all the processes which awaken you to your wisdom and mission here on Earth. Virginia is currently in the process of completing the new book Crystal-Scout The Adventures of a Reluctant Human Being".

    Stephen Redding- If it's true a cat has nine lives, Stephen Redding could boast of living more lives than your average feline. From the age of four, when he was crushed by a tractor, until the second time he was struck by lightning, on through to the time he was attacked by a swarm of yellow jackets, Stephen's had his share of wild, weird and otherworldly experiences. Through it all, he's formed an optimistic and unique regard for this world and the others he has visited. Stephen believes he was brought back to life after so many death-defying experiences for a reason--and his refreshing outlook will not only have you cheering, but will leave you breathless and inspired.

Theresa Roba is a well known Spiritual Psychic and Medium. The Holy Spirit has worked through her to allow  thousands of people in the world to find joy and comfort in communicating with their deceased loved ones. By receiving messages that are personal only to the client and spirit, Theresa offers healing sessions which validates the clients connection with spirit" and  the idea that they are loved and never truly alone. Compelling, poignant, very similar to John Edward, James Van Praagh and tempered with a down to earth appeal just think of "two cups of John Edward a half a cup of Sylvia Brown with a pinch of Dr. Phil" to describe a session with Theresa Roba! Connection.

  Nancy Russell is a certified  Usui Reiki Master and Integrated Energy Therapist.  She is currently teaching Integrated Energy Therapy, Reiki, and other related classes in Yardley, Pennsylvania  and around the country. She has a full-time practice  seeing private clients, teaching and speaking on holistic issues and spiritual approaches. Her main focus relates to the interpretation of life experience and how our biography becomes our biology. In addition to working with Stephan Thayer, founder and developer of Integrated Energy Therapy, Nancy has studied and personally trained with many of the recognized leaders in the holistic health movement. They include Caroline Myss, Andrew Weil, Brian Weiss, Joan Borysenko, Ethel Lombardi, Barbara Brennan, Mona Lisa Schulz and Wayne Dyer.

    Sharon Shane is a channeled intuitive, spiritual teacher and author of "In the Garden of the Goddess," The Rhythm of the Cosmic Pulse", and  "Architects of Light." She has written a series of online e-mail newsletters entitled, Awakenings, Endless Possibilities, and Spiritual Essence.  Her poetry and articles have been published in the holistic magazines, Aromatherapy Journal and Soul Brasil Magazine. Working closely in telepathic rapport with Thoth and the Ascended Host her prime area of teaching is that of Spiritual Mastery.  Sharon is an adept at Kundalini meditation and has helped hundreds of people through guided meditation, dream interpretation, inner child and adolescent healing methods among numerous other spiritual practices

    Gary Schoenburg  has been channeling Baba for the past 9 years. Baba represents the Guru vibration which brings total and complete embrace of the self in all aspects of one's heart. This includes the light and the shadow elements of self. Gary is a level II reiki practitioner and a licensed psychologist. He has been working full time in community mental health for the past 20 years. He also provides private counseling on a part-time basis. Baba's message will be one of deep connection and healing to help assist with clearing that which creates barriers from experiencing one's purest essence. The session will consist of 3 parts; a spiritual discourse, responses to questions, and an energetic exchange. The channeling experience offers one a sense of upliftment, hope, and unconditional love.

Kelly Kolodney has been channeling the Angel Raphael since November 23, 1989. It was through a process of adjustment and discernment that enabled her to focus on receiving and sharing the messages from Archangel Raphael and the vibrational healing power of the sounds behind the words. Kelly Kolodney has brought the vibration and message of the Angel Raphael to thousands of people over the past 23 years. Through her unique gift of channeling, she has helped many people discover their life's purpose and address the challenges that hold them back from achieving it. This process has enabled many people to break free of their old patterns and to create the abundance and joy they deserve. Below are a few of the recent unsolicited testimonials of people who have listened to Kelly channel the Angel Raphael on the radio, participated in free angel reading conference calls or have had a private angel reading session.

  Djuna Wolton BFA, is a certified hypno-therapist, REIKI Master, past life therapist and spiritual counselor. She synthesizes her 22 years of experience of working with holistic therapies to provide a safe, nurturing space for healing to occur and has guided thousands of people through her work in  past life regression. Djuna has appeared on national television, hosted her own radio show, is a published writer and was a featured columnist for America Online.


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