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I'm so pleased to see you here! This site is lovingly dedicated to all the light workers of the world! To those of you who walk a spiritual path - who seek personal growth, spiritual connection, personal and planetary healing, the expansion of human consciousness and the evolution of the planet into a world of "Divine Light and Love"! 

My name is Amy Bortner-Gialuco and I am the founder and director of the Ascordia Center of Light, a center for spiritual healing and education  in Philadelphia, Pa.  I have called the Ascordia Center a "one stop shop for all your New Age needs", as I offered my services there and expertise in a  wide variety of  healing and educational modalities as well as products and programs to the general community. For over seventeen years, I offered massage and bodywork sessions, energy healing treatments, channeled readings, spiritual counseling sessions and classes in metaphysics and personal growth.

 I closed my office and practice in 2002 . However, I re-opened the Ascordia Center as a web site and on-line metaphysical resource in 2007. Since then, I have offered my consultation services on a limited or "as need' basis and presently offer counseling, classes, products and networking resources online (and off line.  

By participating with the various services, programs and products available to you from the Ascordia Center, you can improve your physical and emotional health, strengthen your spiritual goals and objectives, bring harmony and balance into your home and family and broaden your personal outlook on life!  Guaranteed!!

Please continue below to learn more about me and this website and how I can be of service to you!          

About this Website

 There's lots to read, hear, see and interact with!

Each section of this page offers you information about a different facet of my work, whether it be my services as a spiritual counselor, my classes in metaphysics,  my work as a teacher about Earth Shamanism, my research into sacred energy sites, my personal growth products or my role as Director of the New Hope Metaphysical Society.  I also have a lot of information available through the format of  readable transcripts, live radio interviews or mp3 files that you can download and listen to. 

I strongly suggest that you listen to one or more web radio interviews that I gave to better understand my work as a channeler, healer, teacher , organizational director and sacred site researcher.  To do so, please click the link below!
  Amy Bortner-Gialuco's web radio interviews  

 I also suggest that you read a little about my past  as an energy healer, spiritual counselor and teacher as well as my current vision as an "urban shaman" to better understand my experience, abilities and philosophical perspective.
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   Vision Statement

I also encourage you to check out my What's New page to find out the latest developments on this site.
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  What's New?

What I Have to Offer You!

At present, I offer spiritual counseling sessions, earth energy assessments for your home and garden and Feng Shui assessments for your home. To find out more about my services, please e-mail me at biz@ascordia.com. I am currently offering programs about my work with power spots and sacred energy sites and the personal development class "Journey of the Soul".  

To find out more about my classes and workshops     

I have created a variety of products  over the last sixteen years for your personal growth and enhancement including tapes, CD's booklets and more!
 To find out more about my latest products 

I have created a body of information out of hundreds of hours of channeling the spiritual hierarchy for over twenty five years. I call this body of work "Trance-formations" which include lectures, dialogues and talks given from spirit on a wide variety of topic available on audio tape and CD. The information is categorized by the entity speaking, so there are Ascordia tapes, Daniel tapes, Landau tapes, Astoriel tapes, Sleepwalker tapes and tapes of famous historical, musical and political personalities.

    To find out more about these channelings,    "Spirit Speaks"

      I have recently created a blog to express my personal feelings about my connection to Mother Earth, in which I offer personal stories, poems, music videos and inspired thoughts. 
 To read my blog,  Please click
"This Sacred Earth"

Sacred Energy Site Research and Information

I have created a map of the sacred energy sites and power spots of SW. Florida and I am currently mapping sacred energy sites and power centers for the City of Philadelphia and Bucks County, Pa.  Please click on each topic below to find out more about my map, programs and research.
  • Sacred Energy Sites Lectures and Workshops!
    in Naples  Florida

    Learn all about the sacred energy sites and sacred sites that exist all along the SW. Gulf coast of Florida and how they can be of assistance in your personal growth and spiritual journey. During the course of the program, Ms. Bortner-Gialuco will present a lecture, slide show and q&a  session which will give a general explanation as to what a sacred energy site is, what the six qualifying characteristics of a sacred energy site are, where they are located in Southwest Florida and why they strongly influence the purpose and function of the cities all along the SW Gulf Coast area.   She will also explain  how one can utilize the energies of a sacred energy site  for healing, inspiration and support.  She will further demonstrate how, by incorporating certain techniques such as dowsing, meditation, invocation and prayer, one can connect into the history, purpose and energetic power of a sacred energy site.   Take home flyers and CD/s will be available.  Map of the sites and booklet are included.

    For more info, click here"What's New"

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  •  Sacred Energy Sites of SW Florida - Map

  • Sacred Energy Sites of SW Florida - Classes and Workshops

  •  Sacred Energy Sites of SW Florida - Research

         Recommended Reading

Ms. Bortner-Gialuco has been a messenger for the spiritual hierarchy for over twenty five years and has channeled inspirational messages from the Spiritual Hierarchy including the Ascended Masters DANIEL, LANDAU and from the Angelic realm including the angels ASCORDIA and ASTORIEL. Amy has also channeled messages from famous personalities from the 1960's and 70"s as well as historic personalities from the past.
ASCORDIA and and ASTORIEL are angelic beings  who bring messages of hope, peace and love to our world and want to help us understand this time of great transition from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age. DANIEL is an ascended Master from the Brotherhood of Light who understands human personality and consciousness and teaches basic principles for understanding the human realm and human psychology.; I call his work - "Meta-Psychology".  LANDAU is a Master Healing Guide and lectures on Healing the body, the self and the community at large.

To read these "Messages from Heaven", please click on "Spirit Speaks"

The Ascordia Center published a magazine from 1993-1995 entitled "Across the Universe".  The "A.T.U." consisted of channeled lectures, articles, personal
accounts, teachings and poems related to spiritual and personal growth, metaphysical principles and spiritual laws.  It was dedicated to the
Philadelphia spiritual community and its intention was to educate and inspire the public to "New Age" philosophy and perspective. The channeled
lectures and articles in the "A.T.U." were taken from the Ascordia Center's audiotape series "Trance-Formations" including lectures from
"Ascordia", "Astoriel", "Daniel", "Landau" and the "Sleepwalkers".  Guest channelers also presented articles and inspired accounts in these issues.
Guest teachers from the Philadelphia tri-county area have also contributed stories, articles and poems.

Read why Philadelphia is such an important New Age city by clicking the words below

To read more articles from the "A.T.U.", please Across the Universe

To read other articles written by myself and associates, please Human Speaks

Related Websites

The New Hope Metaphysical Society

The New Hope Metaphysical Society is an organization created to serve the public as a safe haven and a source of Light, where  people seeking personal support, spiritual community and metaphysical education can gather together. Located in Central Bucks County, Pa., the New Hope Metaphysical Society meets once a month, on the fourth Wednesday of the month, at Pebble Hill Church in Doylestown, Pa. 

These meetings are open to the public and always include a relevant spiritual topic for discussion or guest speaker as part of the meeting program. The guest speaker is either a spiritual teacher, energy healer, holistic health practitioner, spiritual counselor or professional psychic, whose presentation is either a lecture, sample workshop or a group channeling.  Through these meetings and other public events, the New Hope Metaphysical Society gives the individual an opportunity to hear high quality speakers on a variety of topics and a chance to meet with likeminded people who can share in their interest in the metaphysical, spiritual or New Age dimension of life.

 I am presently the managing director of the New Hope Metaphysical Society and have been its co-director since 1998. I have created a website for the NHMS in which our monthly meetings are advertised as well as many other events and topics of interest are listed.  To visit the NHMS website, please click on the link below


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